YES!! US Armed Forces Are Going To Protect Our Borders!

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While meeting with leaders from the Baltic nations, Trump made a remark about American border security that will dominate the news cycle for the next day.

Saying that he had discussed the issue with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Trump said that since the southern border wall is delayed, he’ll be sending flesh and blood to guard it instead.

“Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding out border with the military. That’s a big step, we really haven’t done that before, or certainly not very much before.”

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for Customs and Border Protection, but the US Military is responsible for providing personnel as reinforcements.

When Trump was in California last month, his two major visits were to the stretch of desert where the prototypes of the Great Big Beautiful Wall were erected and also the Marine base in San Diego where he promised pay raises for military. By advocating for “peace through strength” Trump pushed the idea that in order to secure the county, you must provide security for the people doing the grunt work. Members of the Armed Forces shouldn’t be kept at low wages, and they shouldn’t have to fear the high suicide rate of veterans. Oh, and just last week Trump replaced the head in charge of the VA because he wasn’t happy with the way his vets are being treated.

‘Catch and Release’

After the meeting with the Baltic leaders, Trump gave some questions out at a news conference. Of course, the biggest question for American audiences was for Trump to clarify what he meant about border security.

Trump said that the border is unprotected and that the current laws governing security are “horrible, horrible and very unsafe.”

“We don’t have laws, we have catch-and-release. You catch and then you immediately release and people come back years later for a court case, except they virtually never come back.”

Mexico will Pay For It, In A Different Way

The military reinforcements were prompted by the word that a “caravan” of 1,000 migrants from Central America was heading toward the American border and that Mexican officials were not attempting to stop them. With the military in place, all you need is a few well placed shots to keep the rest from breaking international laws.

On Monday Trump said he had talked to Mexican officials and let them know that he hopes they’re “going to tell that caravan not to get up to the border.”

Border and Customs Prefer Drones, Sensors To A Wall

Last year, a report suggested that Border and Customs officials were looking for reinforcements and more money for high tech sensors instead of simply a Great Big Wall. While the physical wall is important, technology can be just as effective as long as agents are able to respond when they notice a threat to the border.

Changes in Military Funding

The move comes weeks after Trump announced he would be nominated a new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to take over from Rex Tillerson. Part of Tillerson’s exit was due to his inability to wrap up operations in Syria where American involvement has been struggling to get rid of the last smudge of control that ISIS has in the region. Trump said that he would freeze over $200 million meant to support American work in the region, including air support for ground troops. After all, reasoned Trump, Saudi Arabia should be concerned about ISIS and therefore should be the ones paying for stabilization in their backyard.

With focus shifted away from the middle east, American troops can now find a new mission protecting their country by directly protecting the border down south.

Underfunded Wall

The Democratic who gloated over under funding the wall in the recent budget might very well be launched straight into orbit by their fellow left wingers who will be screeching about armed soldiers in America. If you’re going to have armed men and women “on the streets,” as they always say, having young Americans who love America participate in controlling a border that has leaked enough to allow the ultra violent MS-13 gang into the country is perfect.

Source: Fox News

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