Women Can’t Operate a Semi-Automatic Handgun

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The statement that women can’t operate a semi-automatic has either been made directly to me, or I have heard it in side conversations many times over the years.  However, lately it has come up in increasing frequency.  This is mainly due to many non-shooting men now deciding it is time to gear up, embrace the  Second Amendment, and take responsibility for defending their family and loved ones.  To anyone who makes this statement I can only respond by saying, “It depends on who taught them.”  You see, it’s not just women, but men who have been taught the wrong way to operate a semi-automatic handgun.

For the most part men are stronger than women.  There, I said it.  So when a guy gets his hands on a semi-automatic handgun for the first time and is told to pull back the slide, he takes whichever hand is gripping the slide and yanks it back with a great deal of force.  Cro-Magnon man is usually successful in completing this task.  He later decides his wife/girlfriend must also learn to protect herself, so he hands her the handgun and expects her to complete the same task as “effortlessly” as he did.  What ensues next is the woman preforming some sort of odd ballerina/kung fu moves while simultaneously not adhering to the rule of “never point a gun at anything you do not intend on shooting” as she attempts to pull the slide back with the hand that is gripping the slide.  If she is successful, she quickly hands the gun back to the guy and says, “My hand hurts” and “I don’t like it, it’s too hard to pull back.”  So, being a loving man, the guy runs to his nearest gun store the next day and buys her a .38 Special revolver.  Sound familiar?

Now let me edjamicate (or educate) you.  You’ve been taught wrong and now you have successfully spread your stupidity to others.  Here is what should have happened the first time you picked up that semi-automatic handgun when you were learning:

  • Place your dominate hand on the grip and hold it firmly (keep the finger off the trigger champ, you don’t know if it’s loaded yet)
  • Take your remaining hand (assuming you only have one left to use, unless God has gifted you in special ways known only to mythical beasts of old) and firmly grip the rear section of the slide.  (*side note: if you grip slide at the front, by end of the barrel, and try racking the slide back “Steven Seagal-style”, you should be pistol-whipped immediately.  When you can shoot like Steven, then you can do this.)
  • Now here’s the important step: keep your hand holding the slide in one place and “push” your hand that is holding the grip forward.

You’ll be amazed how much easier it is, for a man, or a woman, to successfully operate the slide on a semi-automatic handgun this way.  The physics of this are simple; pushing is easier than pulling.  If you need further proof, put your car in neutral and try pulling it and then try pushing it.  Which was easier?  Now go educate your family and friends on how to correctly use a semi-automatic handgun and stop the madness.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: [email protected]

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