Three Women Accuse Ambassador Sondland of Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation

"The next thing I know, he's all over me," Solis states.

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Adam Schiff’s prized ‘witness’, Ambassador Sundland, has now been accused by three separate women of sexual misconduct and retaliation after his advances were rejected. The three claim Sondland made unwanted sexual contact in business settings, one claiming that he exposed himself. All recall professional retaliation after they rejected him.

In the midst of the #MeToo and ‘Believe Every Woman’, this causes severe problems for the Ambassador, who has already said he refuses to resign. Of course, he may not have to, he might just be removed.

The first woman, Portland Monthly owner Nicole Vogel, claims that her assault happened as she was touring a hotel owned by Sondland. She states that he grabbed her face and kissed her. Vogel alleges that Sondland stopped giving her professional job finding advice after the incident.

Vogel alleges that after she rejected his advances that he then decided against investing in her business.

The second woman, Jana Solis who is a hospitality-safety engineer for Marsh & McLennan, states that Sondland groped her, forcibly kissed her, and exposed himself to her on separate occasions while she attempted to do business with him in back in 2008. Solis said of the first incident that Sondland suddenly “slapped me on the ass and said, ‘I look forward to working with you.'”

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Solis also claims that Sondland met her undressed “from the waist down” on another occasion.

“The next thing I know, he’s all over me,” Solis states. “He’s on top of me. He’s kissing me, shoving his tongue down my throat. And I’m trying to wiggle out from under him, and the next thing you know, I’m sort of rising up to get away from him, and I fall over the back of the couch.”

“One of the things that always stuck in my head is her comment that he literally had his tongue down her throat, and as she was trying to get away from him she had fallen over the back of the couch,” States her former husband, Kevin Schnabel, of whom Solis had confided the incidents with.

Solis claims that Sondland later called her and berated her about her job performance after she had continually rebuffed his advances. The two never spoke again.

The third woman, Natalie Sept, who was at the time a local political operative in Portland, states that Sondland tried to kiss her after a work-related meeting in 2010.

Sondland suggested to Sept that he could arrange to get her a job with the state film commission. Sept said she rejected Sondland’s advance and pushed him away.

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All three women tell that Sondland had told them he could help with work and/or business opportunities before he started making advances on them.

Sondland has put out a statement in which he denies the incidents. He categorically denies anything happened.

“In decades of my career in business and civic affairs, my conduct can be affirmed by hundreds of employees and colleagues with whom I have worked in countless circumstances,” Mr Sondland said in a statement, which you can be read in full here. “These untrue claims of unwanted touching and kissing are concocted and, I believe, coordinated for political purposes. They have no basis in fact, and I categorically deny them.”

The left has created a world in which any woman’s accusation is expected to be believed and that man should instantly lose his career. It is a dangerous world, as common sense will tell you that accusations are not always true. When women make false accusations, those hurt the most are those who have truly been assaulted. When an accusation becomes more powerful than the truth, it becomes a powerful political tool.

Are these women telling the truth? We may never know. It is too bad that we live in a world where there is even a question of that truthfulness, and it is sad that the left has created that situation.

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