Wolf Blitzer Fights With Bernie Sanders’ Wife After She Attacks The Media!

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Who would have thought a progressive liberal would take issue with the mainstream liberal media and the way they cover news. Well, Bernie Sanders wife, Jane Sanders, went on CNN and had a heated exchange with Wolf Blitzer over the role the media plays in the political rhetoric engulfing Washington, D.C. The two were discussing the GOP congressional baseball practice shooting that took place this past Wednesday.

Sanders’ wife denounced the violence that took place and called it utterly unacceptable. Her opinions are one of interest considering law enforcement authorities found out the shooter had been a volunteer for Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign. Jane Sanders told Blitzer the following,

“this is not OK, and it’s certainly not what Bernie preaches.”

Blitzer called upon Sanders to answer whether her husband was in the wrong for calling the President the worst and most lethal President in American history to which she defended her husband’s comments. She said,

“I don’t think so. We have to be able to discuss the issues without demonizing the opponent. And honestly, Wolf, I think the media needs to look at itself as well. Let’s focus on the matter at hand rather than who said what. My hope is that we believe at the Sanders Institute, that democracy, vital democracy, requires an informed electorate.”

However, Blitzer pushed back at her responding with the following,

“If a president or a senator or someone of authority is making very, very strong statements, you want us to simply ignore those statements, if there’s a social media post, a tweet and the president says something really, really strong. Do you want us to censor those words as part of the news media? What are you suggesting? We [the media] certainly aren’t going to try to censor very strong statements from people of responsibility.”

But Sanders would not back down and she insisted the media needed to do some soul searching and look within. She maintained her stance going on to say,

“Well, I’m suggesting that just like the Democrats and the Republicans and the Independents and the progressives are all thinking about what happened in this presidential race, that the media needs to do some self-reflection as well.”

Blitzer defended himself saying,

“The media is doing a lot of self — we’re doing — I can assure you, we’re doing a lot of self-reflection. We’re always looking back. We’re learning lessons. We want to make sure that as the first draft of history, we get it right. When we make a mistake, we certainly always correct it as quickly as possible. This is not a perfect science by any means.

But, you know, you hear a lot of criticism of the mainstream media, Jane, from the conservative elements, from the right wing. We’re getting a lot of criticism from the left wing, from the progressives, people like you as well. It underscores that we’re trying to do as responsible a job as we possibly can and we certainly aren’t going to try to censor very strong statements from people of responsibility.”

The exchange was interesting considering the mainstream liberal media is always biased in favor of well, liberals. However, the Sanders believe in a staunchly progressive form of liberalism that is even farther left than the mainstream media endorses. This is why the Sanders campaign was sabotaged by the media and the Clintons through their collusion during the 2016 presidential election. It is not at all shocking that Sanders is now denouncing the media for refusing to take responsibility for their part in the tragic shooting.

The media’s refusal to take responsibility is sickening in light of the terrifying events that occurred. Five people were injured, one of which was Rep. Steve Scalise who is the GOP Majority Whip as well as two Capitol Police officers, one lobbyist, and one staffer for Rep. Roger Williams.

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