Winning! Starbucks Announces Tax Cut Savings Will be Passed on To Employees

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Gee, here I thought the tax reform was going to be the end of the world! Didn’t you hear all of the celebrity “experts” crying out about how Trump was ruining the country by killing the middle class?! Well here we go again, more evidence of this tax plan nightmare! Keep in mind, this is Nancy Pelosi’s idea of “Armageddon!”

Starbucks has been viewed as one of the most liberal companies out there, so it must have been very painful for them to actually come out and admit that the Trump tax cuts are going to have a positive effect on their employees.

I am actually shocked that they even acknowledged that the tax cuts drove the pay increases. I would have expected them to claim they were “going to do it anyway.” The fact that they were honest shows just how much corporations really are benefiting from the tax reform.

H/T Daily Wire

While Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi might dismiss it as mere “crumbs,” Starbucks employees across the country are getting a personal taste of the Trump effect on the economy — and it’s all good.

As public opinion of the Republicans’ $1.5 trillion tax cut continues to improve for obvious reasons, Starbucks announced that it’s joining the growing list of businesses nationwide who are passing down some of those massive tax savings to their employees.

Specifically citing the GOP’s tax reform bill, Starbucks announced this week that it will be giving its employees pay raises and stock grants. To throw more salt in the permanently open progressive wound, Starbucks says its also using the tax break to help it move forward with some pro-family measures. The Seattle Times reluctantly reports:

All employees will soon be able to earn paid sick time off, and the company’s parental leave benefits will include all non-birth parents. Starbucks Corp. said Wednesday that the changes affect about 150,000 full-time, part-time, hourly and salaried employees, most of whom work as baristas or shop managers. The new benefits apply to workers at more than 8,200 company-owned stores but not at the 5,700 licensed shops like those found inside supermarkets.

The pay raise will begin in April, which the Times notes is the second increase employees have enjoyed this year. Baristas currently make just under $10 an hour. Employees at stores, bean roasting plants and support centers will all receive at least $500 in Starbucks stock on top of what they were set to receive this year. The additional paid sick time begins to accrue in July.

The total cost to the company for the changes is over $250 million, which they can afford because of the massive tax break given to them by the Republicans and signed into law by Trump.

As The Daily Wire has chronicled, the number of companies, many of them major corporations, passing down the benefits of the Republicans’ slashing of the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% continues to grow. Here’s the current list from Americans For Tax Reform.

The Seattle Times also notes some other positive developments from the Trump economy motivating retailers to give their workers a boost. “Larger employers are having a hard time attracting and keeping workers because of historically low unemployment rates,” the Times reports.

So, yeah, the “Trump Boom” is real, and now a whole lot of Starbucks employees are getting to enjoy it firsthand.

It’s funny how liberal leaning companies are now coming out and getting on the bandwagon of passing on the tax cut savings to employees. Disney announced this week their intention to do the same. The list of companies that are using the tax relief to improve the lives of their employees is growing larger by the day.

While these may be mere “crumbs” to someone with the wealth like Nancy Pelosi, to the millions of workers who are seeing these increases and bonuses, this money is life changing.

Now, I can’t help but wonder if the mostly millennial and likely liberal employees at Starbucks will actually understand and appreciate the way Trump is responsible for their bigger paychecks. However, if anything can change a person’s view of economic policy, it is by seeing a fat paycheck.

I think the Democratic optimism for the midterms is really misguided. There is no way so many people won’t stop and think of the distinct possibility that Democrats will come in and try to raise taxes. Just look over at California! The Democrats running the show there are already trying to steal back the tax savings with new taxes.

The beautiful thing about this is, that once people actually saw their paychecks go up, it will  be much harder to have them see them go down. And we all know the way to keep the tax changes is to continue to elect Republicans. For that reason alone, I think the midterms are looking better and better!


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