Will Scott Baio Bring Happy Days Back to Bankrupt California?

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The gubernatorial race in California has been heating up for months and new discussion about Happy Days star, Scott Baio entering the race has just put that discussion into overtime.

Calls began growing last week for Baio to enter the governor’s race which would upset apple carts for both Republican and Democrat candidates.

Baio has been active in politics almost all of his life. He has been appearing quite often on national news shows providing his views on various issues. He is very politically active on social media. It’s no secret that he is frustrated at the craziness all around us.

Baio was a speaker at the Republican National Convention in 2017.

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Last fall, Baio endorsed Republican John Cox for governor, saying Democratic rule of California is destroying the state.

“Google him. He’s a good guy, he’s a businessman and he’s not a politician. He wants to fix this stuff,” Baio said. “We gotta fix stuff in California, folks. It’s like communism here.”

But Cox is one of two top Republicans running for governor next year, but remains widely unknown. He came in fifth place with support from 11% of voters for the June primary, in a recent USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

Baio also speaks often about his support for President Trump. He is also quite vocal about his unhappiness with congressional Republicans. He blames them for blocking the president’s agenda on issues such as repealing Obamacare and building a border wall.

The actor has also been attacking Gov. Jerry Brown and Sacramento Democrats.

He says that their policies on issues including taxes, crime and illegal immigration are destroying the state.

“The state is bankrupt. There’s illegal immigrants running all over the place. It’s a sanctuary state; the rule of law means nothing,” Baio said, before urging Democratic voters to reconsider their allegiances. “You gotta try something else because the state is out of control.”

Scott Baio could turn the California gubernatorial race upside down. A few years back, they passed a law that creates a situation where the top two primary winners are placed on the ballot, regardless of party. This often results in two Democrats, or two Republicans, pitted against each other in the general election.

Baio’s reputation as a family man who holds strong Constitutional conservative values would be a springboard to a political platform that would definitely be taken very seriously. So far in the upcoming gubernatorial primary race where there are no Republican candidates popular enough to actually go on to the general. Democrats Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa very well could be the choices.

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Baio was a huge supporter of candidate Trump.

“I think he’s a straight shooter,” Baio told Fox News at the time. “When he talks, I understand him…. I don’t need a political decoder ring to understand what the guy is saying.”

Scott Baio was a tough neighborhood kid who has turned out to be an independent thinker and speaks the language of the common man. Based on his strong work ethic, integrity and reputation as a leader and team player, Baio would be a hands-on Governor. He would reach across the aisle to solve the complicated issues in California.

Baio would likely not push the can down the road while the state sinks deeper into the mire. He would not pander to the progressive politicians in the State Assembly that have been managing to hold California citizens as hostages for way too many years.

Baio has always been a man to follow his convictions. Even when that meant speaking up in front of the Hollywood community, risking his career to speak out freely in today’s politically correct environment.

While Scott Baio has not confirmed that he will accept the growing requests that he jump into the race, there is a large movement to encourage him to do so.

Sign the Petetion:

We are launching this online petition in support of Scott Baio running for Governor in the June primaries by showing him that he has significant statewide interest for a potential candidacy from those of us who believe he has what it takes to win. Please indicate your support for him by signing the petition below. (Your email address will be used to provide updates on our efforts.)

He is also very active on his FB page. give him some encouragement! AND his Twitter!

I agree! It’s time to put SCOTT BAIO IN CHARGE of California so we can have HAPPY DAYS again!

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