Will Rand Paul Stand Up To This Huge $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

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Congressional Republicans are hurrying to release their final spending bill in order to avoid a potential government shutdown tomorrow… but they want you to ignore that it fully funds Planned Parenthood. The bill was made public after Paul Ryan went dashing through the snow to meet President Trump to address his concerns that the spending package was incomplete.

Later, White House representatives said that Trump approved of the bill despite the spending increases. So will the old fashioned conservatives in Congress agree with a babykilling budget?

Spending Bill Worth $1.3 Trillion, Over 2,200 Pages

Generally, the bill breaks into $700 billion for defense and $591 billion for non-defensive domestic spending. There have been multiple last minute troubles over inclusions for immigration enforcement and border security as well as health care and infrastructure spending.

Border Wall Funding

Among the spending are the funds for Trump to start up on his border wall. Trump tweeted his happiness that the new bill includes $1.6 billion “to start the wall.” This amount of money will pay for approximately 100 miles worth of physical barriers and fences on the southern border.

Defense Funding Sees Boost

Above the border wall, Trump said that “most importantly” his request for funding to rebuild the Armed Forces was included, which shows $700 billion for the Military and $716 billion for the year after that. But, Trump said he “had to waste money on Dem giveaways in order to take care of military pay increase and new equipment.”

Well, you win some, you lose some. Trump was elected to negotiate.

Donald was in San Diego earlier this month to talk about his “Peace Through Strength” initiative where he had promised the “largest pay raise in over a decade.” Speaking to personnel at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California, Trump thanked the crowd for their work and said he and the American people would “always have your back” the way that they always “have ours.”

At the time, Trump referenced Ronald Reagan as the last man who concentrated on building up the military and said that he intended to invest in the “greatest,” “most beautiful weapon, our most brilliant weapon — you.”

As well, he hinted that it is high time to look up and consider whether a Space Force ought to be added to the ground, air and sea branches.

Non-Defense Spending Increases 10%

Democrats can claim victories on approving the spending bill thanks to budgetary additions for infrastructure, education and tackling the opioid crisis. Why the left feels they can take responsibility for addressing the opioid crisis is beyond me — Trump was the first and only person to talk about the epidemic for months during the 2016 campaign. Recently, the Senate Homeland Security Committee found that the crisis was accelerated by Obamacare.

As well, the Republicans had to bow to the Democrats by not including any budgetary measures that would defund sanctuary cities. But there’s one Republican who might not want to play ball, and I’m willing to bet that Trump knew this would happen.

$1.3 Trillion – “Wait, What?” Rand Paul May Force Shutdown

Of the hundreds and men and women in elected office, Rand Paul may be the only person left willing to risk popularity with his peers in order to do the right thing for the taxpayers. He is right to criticize several things here — the House only has a few hours to read over 2,000 pages.

Even if you put your entire office of 20 people to reading it, each person would have to blaze through 100 pages and find the good and bad bits.

So will Rand Paul be the one to stand up and send it back in order to save hundreds of billions?

Rand Paul’s Past Presidential Campaign Tax Promises

In 2015, Rand Paul wrote an editorial suggesting that if he won the Republican nomination he would campaign on a 14.5% flat tax and he would replace the 70,000 pages of IRS tax code with around a dozen. In all, Rand announced his support for two trillion dollars worth of tax cuts including the payroll tax along with gift taxes, estates taxes and “all duties and tariffs.”

Last night, the House Freedom Caucus pointed out some major issues in the bill that should concern conservatives.

Funding for Planned Parenthood

This bill isn’t about only saving billions, it’s about saving lives. The House Freedom Caucus is declaring that they will not support the bill because, in part, it “fully funds grants that go to Planned Parenthood while making no changes to reduce Obamacare’s burdensome regulations on America’s families.”

That’s it. Shut it down. Don’t pass that bill. Send it back, rewrite it, and tell the Democrats to take a hike and keep their spending needs for baby killing to themselves. A strong military can’t save the soul of a nation that uses everyone’s contribution to kill children.

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