Will There Be Armed Security As Actors Cry Gun Control

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We love celebrating the snipers at every NFL game. With the Oscars on tonight, the left is desperate to keep you from seeing all the armed guards protecting their anti-gun actors.

If you didn’t realize the Oscars were on tonight, then congratulations: You have a healthy relationship with Hollywood celebrities. But one press released from the LAPD is worth browsing before your Facebook feed is updated tomorrow with tales of brave actors crying about the Second Amendment.

LAPD: 500 Officers At The Oscars

As traffic in one of the most congested cities in the world is diverted so millionaires can gather in Hollywood to seek praise from one another, there will be “concentric rings of security” keeping an eye on the nearly one mile of Hollywood Boulevard. Officers will be receiving overtime pay and are joined by firefights and the FBI with police helicopters dotting the air. Oh, and there’s a private security detail on full alert in the Dolby Theater itself.

The Oscars celebrate their 90th anniversary tonight. And with so many on the left looking to squeeze anti-freedom legislation from the deaths of 17 people from a high school in Parkland, Florida, the hunt is on for which actors will have the gall to rail against guns while being protected by hundreds of them.

Guns for Me, Not for Thee

Recently I wrote up Kim Kardashian, whose claim to fame is whoring herself out on a sex tape for attention. A few years back she was robbed at gunpoint and later declared that she would have a 24 hour a day armed guard. I don’t blame her. Despite being famous for debauchery, she still deserves to be safe.

The lefties that rip on gun rights probably feel comfortable in calling for gun control legislation, because they must assume that their bodyguards will be one of the few people who will be allowed to keep guns when it’s all over. Hunters and sportsmen can lose their guns because they don’t need then, not in the same way that celebrities in Hollywood need to be kept safe!

Compare: NFL Snipers

Every once in a while, a news story pops up showing off pictures of the bird’s eye view of the trained snipers keeping on eye on the crowds at NFL games. Conservatives love reading about the sharpshooters, and the Oregon-based company U.S. Tactical Supply that supplies the tripods loves updating their social media with photos.

We think it’s great that it’s well-known that NFL games have a eagle-eyed sniper up high making sure any serious troublemaker won’t get too far. Security at left-wing awards ceremonies, on the other hand, are shunted off to the side. Do they really expect us to ignore the fact that group of highly trained men with firearms waiting in the wings in case something goes very wrong? Still it’s a good bet to guess that at least one of these chumps will get it into their airhead to pretend to care about the families of the victims of gun violence while dumping on the Second Amendment.

Even The Pretty Dresses Are Ruined

I admit that I’ll watch awards shows just to see the pretty dresses, but even that’s been ruined. At the Golden Globes a few months ago, celebrities decided to wear black dresses to protest Harvey Weinstein, or something. Yeah, and today I put my pajamas back on after showering to protest the fact that I didn’t get a pony when I was a little girl.

The clothing-as-politics came to a head last year at the Grammys when Joy Villa wore a MAGA-themed dress and was later found out to be a liar, a former dominatrix and a current Scientologist who was passing Scientology books to White House VIPs including Kellyanne Conway. Rose McGowan took us for a ride in her breakdown of the black dress protest as it happened in real time.

Makes me long for the days when the most shocking awards show dresses including J-Lo’s plunging green neckline and the Bjork swan.


Let’s be real: The Oscars is actors giving awards to other actors for acting. It’s meaningless, and probably the source of the modern Participation Award handed down to every little girl and boy.

Unless it’s the rare actor that takes the stage to simply thank their family, their colleagues and God, there is a guarantee that anyone beyond will be politically motivated.

Considering the Botox Parade has poured praise over Harvey Weinstein in the past — Meryl Streep called him “God” — I’ll be tickled to see which talking bobble head will call out a culture of sexism.

And when the cermony is all over, it’s time for the actors to head to the next place. They’ll all go out to their very well-guarded parties to pal around with other anti-gun lefties, before bundled their drunk butts back into their limos. They’ll be driven to an armed home by an armed bodyguard, only to get up the next day and be superior all over again.

Sources: LA Times, Variety, Daily Mail

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  1. Mama America says

    You bet your sweet ass they’ll have armed security, don’t they always? Course they do, private body guards and hired by the Academy both but we’re supposed to give up our guns? No, I don’t think so.

  2. Rachel says

    SOOO, they want gun protection?

  3. Rachel says

    What a joke. No sane gun owner is going to bother the mentally ill. This is very funny to me.

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