Whoopi Goldberg Gets Shredded On Twitter After Body-Shaming Mariah Carey: ’20 Bodies Ago’

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Siren Mariah Carey is not the svelte vixen she once was but she’s still a beautiful woman. Which makes The View’s Whoopi Goldberg’s slur against her even more reprehensible. While actor Jerry O’Connell was visiting The View on Friday, they celebrated 20 years since he was in Mariah Carey’s music video. Whoopi, however, thought it was more apt to describe it as ’20 bodies ago’. Tacky and catty.

Goldberg has no room to body-shame here. She’s never been what you would call a ‘beauty’ so taking cheap shots at the appearance of others is hypocritical, to say the least. Whoopi is being savaged on Twitter by fans of Carey for her smear. It has been two decades since the Stand By Me actor starred in one of the most expensive music videos ever made, for the song by Mariah and Jay-Z. It was iconic.

O’Connell came out on stage to the Carey song and Sunny Hostin was quick to ask about his experience on the set of the video and remarked that it was ’20 years ago’. The video was playing out on a huge screen behind the women and O’Connell. That was when Whoopi, 63, quietly turned to her co-host Ana Navarro and decided to judge time by it being ’20 bodies ago’ for the singer.

I have little doubt she was referring to Carey’s weight here. Mariah Carey is now a mother of twins and her weight has gone up and down over the years. Yes, her appearance has changed quite a bit with age but she’s still stunning and works at it. I don’t see where Goldberg has room to judge here.

From The Daily Mail:

“Fans on Twitter defended the singer and pounced on the daytime host.

“‘@WhoopiGoldberg is cancelled. She clearly hates Mariah. We been knew since NYE 2016,’ one said, while another chimed in ‘No since she opened Oscars and mocked Mariah & Glitter,’ referencing Whoopi’s 2002 hosting gig.

“Another user wrote ‘she’s so mean.’

“Then fans began taking shots at Whoopi and doing what they criticized her of.

“’20 bodies ago? @WhoopiGoldberg you, yourself have changed body types MANY times. What’s this about? You’re always jumping on people to be more positive and polite and you come up in here with this? What’s got you mad today?’ one wrote.

“‘Whoopi talking about 20 bodies ago? Sis been looking like an old women since she was in her teens,’ added another.

“A fan said ‘Wow someone I have always respected and loved as an actress and performer @WhoopiGoldberg body shaming @MariahCarey on saying “ That was 20 bodies ago “ Mmmmm explain ?!?!?!’

“While Mariah has never confirmed surgery plastic or otherwise, sources told ET in 2018 that she did undergo gastric sleeve surgery, which resulted in a more than 30 pound weight loss.

“At the time the source said after dropping weight Mariah was ‘very confident about her appearance now.’

“Rumors have swirled for years about other surgery the star may have had.

“She was alleged back, back in June, to have used her assistant’s credit card to pay for $40,000 worth of butt filler, fat laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures.”

Boy… they really let Whoopi have it over that one. Ouch. Note to Goldberg: time is rarely kind to most of us body-wise… you included.

For O’Connell’s part, he fondly remembers his time working with Mariah and on the set of the video — admitting he was “taken aback” by her beauty, and thinking he had “made it” when the Grammy winner personally invited him to drink champagne in her trailer. “I thought I was going to be Mr. Carey!” he joked.

Whoopi has not responded or explained her comment here. This is not how you make friends and influence people. Just sayin’. I sense a feud coming on. Meh.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Fox News, Hollywood Life, Celebrity Insider

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