Who Was Mark Anthony Conditt, the Austin Serial Bomber?

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One disturbed young man has killed two people over the past 19 days, and now the media is attempting to paint Mark Anthony Conditt as a model conservative. Read the real story here.

Now, both the few friends and extended family of Mark Anthony Conditt are speaking out as they struggle to understand what drove him to kill.

What You Need To Know

At the time of his death, Mark Anthony Conditt was an unemployed 23-year-old college dropout male living with his parents in the Pflugerville suburb of Austin, Texas. He is suspected of being the sole perpetrator of the recent package and tripwire bombings in the city of Austin that killed two people. Conditt killed himself early on Wednesday morning in his vehicle after being cornered by police.


For the past 19 days Austin residents endured several random explosions from homemade bombs. The first explosion took place March 2nd and killed Anthony Stephan House, a 39-year-old male at his home in Austin. Two more packages were found on March 12th, with Draylen Mason, a 17-year-old male killed and his mother injured. The second package was opened five miles away and caused injury to a 75-year-old woman. All three bombs were left overnight on doorsteps and did not appear to have traveled to the regular post or through couriers.

On the evening of March 18th, two male cyclists were injured in an explosion reportedly set off by a tripwire. In the last few days, two more bombs were found at two different FedEx facilities in the area. One bomb was detonated with one injury reported, and the second was located six hours later and deactivated.


After the FedEx bombs were discovered, authorities were able to view the security tapes to find images of Conditt entering an Austin office on Sunday, March 18th in a disguise including latex gloves.

Police were able to link the bombings due to Conditt’s use of peculiar foreign batteries ordered from Asia. When he was located, Conditt had another bomb on his person. It is unknown if he was planning on keeping that bomb with him, or if he was going to deliver it to another victim.

After receiving hundreds of leads and putting together what they knew from cell phone records, CCTV, store receipts and witnesses, a SWAT team tracked Conditt to a hotel north of Austin. When the police arrived, the suspect was inside of his vehicle. Police rang for backup and Conditt left the parking lot. Officers rammed into his ram to get him off the highway. Two officers approached his car when Conditt reportedly detonated his own bomb, killing him.

Church Friend: Unsure About Conditt’s Faith

Jeremiah Jensen, 24, spoke to media about his friendship with Conditt. Jeremiah said that the two were close in 2012 and 2012 and that he would often join Conditt’s family for lunch after Sunday church services. The two attended Bible study, and Jeremiah was also homeschooled.

Jeremiah said that Conditt was raised in a good family. As for the services at the Austin Stone Community Church, Jeremiah was reluctant to say that Conditt had maintained his belief:

“I know [that] faith [used to be] a serious thing for him. I don’t know if he held onto his faith or not… the kind of anger that [Mark] expressed and the kind of hate that he succumbed to — that’s not what he believed in high school. I don’t know what happened along the way. This wasn’t him.”

Unable to Adjust After Homeschool

While Jeremiah said that it can be difficult for homeschooled students like him and Conditt to adjust to the “real world,” he turned the discussion to not having any memory that Conditt was “ever… sure of what he wanted to do.” The sentiment was later echoed when his mother posted the following photo to her Facebook page. Since Conditt never go on to do missionary work, he may well has lost his faith along the way.

Right now there are over 1.7 million students benefiting from homeschool in America. Parents overwhelmingly choose to homeschool their children because they do not believe that the school environment is conducive to learning, and because they want to make sure their children benefit from moral instruction.

Media Narrative: Conditt was Right Wing. Not True!

While the suspect left only a few social media posts, they were wild enough to merit reposting by major media outlets. His posts followed a variety of hot topics including homosexuality, abortion and the sex offenders’ registry.

Some of Conditt’s beliefs were fine.

Some of Conditt’s beliefs were out of line, wacky and demonstrably dangerous.

The fact that he disagreed with abortion shouldn’t be remarkable:

“First, if a women does not want a baby, or is incapable of taking care of one, she should not participate in activities that were made for that reason. Second, if we are going to give women free abortions, why not give men free condoms, or the like? Is it not up to the couple to take these preventive measures? – Mark Anthony Conditt”

But the fact that he believed that putting juveniles on the sex offender registry for rape is a bad idea is remarkable.

“So you have a guy who committed a crime. Will putting him on a (sex offender) list make it better? wouldn’t this only make people shun him, keep him from getting a job, and making friends? Just for a crime that he may have committed over 15 years ago as a adolescent? On a side note, one fifth of all rapes are committed by a juvenile.”

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas murderer was found in January of this year to have had a “disturbing [Internet] search history” and collected images of child pornography.

The FBI found that the Sandy Hooky Elementary school shooter was a pedophile.

Devin Patrick Kelley, the man who committed the massacre at the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church was convicted of possessing child pornography and was also convicted of abusive sexual contact.

My point is that while the media is trying to use the beliefs he held which are consistent with conservatives, his actions in life show that he was anything but.

Mark Anthony Conditt, like so many other mass murderers, was a deeply disturbed person.

I guarantee you that he will be found with child pornography on his computer just like the other men who choose to kill at random. Until more information comes out, we can only pray for his family and fight against the left wing narrative before it takes hold.

Sources: Austin Statesman, Daily Mail, NBC, ABC

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