White Woman ‘Changes Race to black’ By Abusing Tan Injections, Wants To Have Black Babies [PHOTOS]

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Martina Big, who was born white, says she has transformed into a black African because she identifies as a black woman. She’s been getting tanning injections and multiple surgeries to accomplish the transition. Martina was a fair-skinned glamour model from Germany before she became convinced that she is in fact black and has been subjecting herself to melanin injections for years to darken her skin.

Also, some pretty hefty breast augmentation was included. She doesn’t say if that’s part of the identifying as black thing.


As a young German “glamour model”

As an older, out of work German Glamour model

While the controversy over how many genders there are continues, unabated, the subject of ‘are you white or black?’ hasn’t garnered much press until Martina Big took it to a new level. Take a look and tell us what her skin color is, and if that is enough to claim you are in fact, a black person:

To her delight, the treatment worked. Originally formulated as an experimental medicine to help increase resistance to skin cancer, the tanning injections work differently on different people. Big’s 31-year-old husband Michael for instance only managed to get a little darker even though he went through the same process as her.

This is not the first bizarre thing Big has done. Her baffling journey began seven years ago when the then air steward quit her job to pursue her dream body. After twenty-four surgeries to help her achieve her “extravagant Barbie figure”, Big had successfully inflated her 32 D breasts to an imposing 32 S. “I hope to have them made even bigger soon,” Big tells The Sun. “I want the biggest breasts in the World”. But the biggest breasts in the world comes with maintenance. Big has to keep them inflated using a saline pump.

Some of my fans have written to me, I should show a photo that shows my black skin better. This is not so easy….

Posted by Martina BIG – Malaika Kubwa on Sunday, February 3, 2019

She also claims, “It’s a change that is inside as well as out. These changes are not superficial but deep inside me.” Big recently went to Kenya along with her husband to look for houses. She believes it is time for her to go home and be with her people. “I not only look like an African woman, I also feel that I’m now an African woman,” she revealed. She even got baptized while in Kenya and was re-christened ‘Malaika Kubwa’ – which means ‘Big Angel’ in Swahili. She has embraced their clothing, their food, their culture and is looking forward to raising her future children there.

Big maintains that she has in fact successfully managed to alter her race. “I have seen a few comments saying ‘you are still white whatever the color of your skin on the surface’ – but they mainly come from places like America,” she confesses. “In realit,y I have made lots of African friends who understand who I am and that I am trying to learn. I think they see that I am genuine, that this is not just the surface, I want to understand more about their history.” Adding, “I spend most of my time with them now as it feels easier. Compared with my white friends I have more in common with them.”

I don’t know what happened to her in childhood, but the word “intervention” comes to mind. But if that’s the way you roll – more power to you Big.

… really should change your name to “Bigger”?

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