Latest Liberal Craze: White People Should Be Banned from Doing Yoga!

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An opinion piece at the Huffington post states that if it’s not your culture, don’t participate, including Yoga!

Yoga is a cultural product of India, so therefore, unless you are from India, don’t participate! You are banned! The writer actually says, “You should only be allowed to enjoy the culture of your own race.” Scroll down for bang! videos

An opinion piece at the Huffington post states that if it's not your culture, don't participate, including Yoga!

The writer goes on:

Whenever I see someone who’s cultural heritage does not descend from the sub-continent of India practicing yoga, I want to scream out at them for their theft of an ancient, sacred practice. The way Westerners have reduced yoga to a trendy form of exercise is just another example of how colonialism continues to plague us.

Yoga is a centuries old tradition of mindfulness, with physical practice only one part of the system. Unless you grew up Indian, learning these ancient traditions of your own people, using the sacred objects in their intended manner, you should not be allowed to practice “yoga” as trendy yuppie moms call it. These people in their Lululemon spandex yoga suits ignore the sacred and profound aspects of yoga as they grunt through half-assed stretches. They are literally recreating the same colonialist violence that Britain inflicted on India through “yoga.”

We should do like the upstanding student leaders at the University of Ottawa who demanded yoga be brought down for it’s flagrant recreation of cultural genocide; we need to decolonize our yoga practice.

My soul weeps every time I smell the waft of mall food court Chinese. A noble an ancient culinary practice has been raped by American food engineering to become nothing but a foul simulacrum of Chinese cuisine. First the Americans make fun of your food! Once they have convinced you it is worthless, they start enjoying it themselves and demand you adapt to their palate!

They take your tastes and techniques and repackage them with the bland Western stamp of approval. It is an absolute disgrace that serves to re-illustrate the capture and enslavement of people of color all throughout history

Yes, he is serious! No Yoga!

He also believes that only “college-aged social justice warriors” are able to recognize how bad  Cultural Appropriation is.

“The only way to solve our dilemma of culinary appropriation is to ban all ethnic food that is not 100% authentic, and people can only enjoy food of their own race due to issues of cultural sensitivity.”

Serious, these folks have lost their minds!


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