When You Got To Go, You Got To Go

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A young boy interrupted his new dad’s proposal by peeing by a fountain know as The Toilet Seat, after mistakenly believing that he mom gave him permission.

As funny as the video is, it’s sparked a second conversation: Are the parents going to make money from their video, and why won’t major media companies looking to show it on television offer a dime for the rights?

At the start of the video, three year old Owen Anter announced that he’s going to use the bathroom outside.

But, a second later when Kevin Przytula knelt down to ask his girlfriend Allyssa Anter for her hand in marriage, she asked him — “Are you serious?”

Owen, thinking his mother was talking to him, said that he was and hopped off the ledge he was standing on to pull down his pants and urinate in public.

It was until after, with Kevin’s eleven-year-old daughter Kayleigh filming on her phone unable to hold in her laughter, that the newly engaged pair realized that Owen had gotten up to.

The Video

When it was first shared on Facebook, the link had over 56,000 views and 300 shares before the couple deleted it and uploaded it to YouTube instead.

You can watch the 39 second video here, which currently has over 550,000 views.

The most to YouTube is likely to do the fact that you can make money on viral videos on YouTube in a way that you can’t on Facebook. And for us, it’s better to share the direct YouTube link to allow them to at least get a few bucks of ad money from their moment.

But, there’s a catch. This video isn’t monetized. YouTube has changed their platform in the last few years in a way that prevents “small” channels like this one from earning ad money from their uploads.

Took Place at Ring of Friendship

The video was filmed in front of Bay City’s Ring of Friendship in Michigan, which has been given a local nickname of “The toilet seat” based on its shape.

Designed by Kathy and Jon Staudacher, the two say that they designed the scultupre for this reason:

“It was specifically designed with a hole so that when you walk down Center Avenue, you can look through and see Wenonah Park, the Saginaw River, Veterans Memorial Park… and the war memorial in Vets Park.”

The Ring was dedicated in July 1983, and it was funded by private donors who wanted to support a green space.

Video Comments

It’s not a short, funny video without the comments left by ordinary people, with some suggesting that it was all on purpose.

“Wow a young legend at work.”

“The irony of this story is when the art piece in the background was first erected it was referred to as the “toilet seat” by the locals!”

“This is what freedom looks like”


“The kid says “im going to pee outside” she asks if he is serious and he replies “yes” I don’t know how you can get mad at him haha he stated exactly what he was going to do.”

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What About Money And Licensing Fees?

As mentioned above, several people urged the family to make sure to monetize the video before it’s splashed all over news channels who won’t pay them a dime.


“Don’t sell your video or waive your rights. Monetize it! License it!”

“Hi, I’m from leeching TV news network. May I make a ton of money off of your soon to be viral video while you get nothing?”

“Lmfao at the comments. Everyone is worried about ad money, while the kid grows up to be known in school as piss pants aka “the kid who pissed himself when his dad proposed”

What other media outlets do is to take the video, slap their own logo on it and spread it around on their monetized platforms. Here are some of the media folks looking to make their own money from the video instead of simply linking to it, like we do:

“Hiya, Elle here from LADbible, hope you’re well! We love the video! Would you be happy for us to repost to our pages please? We’ll make sure to credit back to you if so! Thanks, Elle”

“Hi, My name is Briana and I am with ABC News. Congratulations! I hope that you are doing well! Did you shoot this video? If so, may we have your permission to use it on all ABC platforms/partners with credit to you?”

“Hi Kevin – I am writing from Metro US. Please could we use this amazing video on our Facebook page with full credit to you? Many thanks”

One of the responses from other commentators was “I’d at least be asking $250 for each media company to use the video.”

Even if they don’t make any money from it, they’ll at least have a great video to show at Owen’s 16th birthday party.

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Sources: Michigan Live, YouTube, Facebook

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