When is Someone Going to Hold These Jackasses Accountable?

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Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of the jackasses known as Eric Holder, Louis Farakhan, Barack Obama and Al Sharpton..

Yes, yes, yes, they’re all black – and mostly the reason they’re all off the hook when anyone of any other color, creed, or ethnicity would be in prison at worst, or kicked the hell out of most decent countries at best.

How about we pretend just for a moment that they’re all white and judge them by their character – as a famous Republican once said. Yeah, that would be Martin Luther King, Jr. Republican. Yes

One man has chosen to do just that and has filed a Federal lawsuit against these four jackasses for violating the civil rights of law enforcement. About time. Here’s the nuts and bolts:

Former prosecutor Larry Klayman recently filed a lawsuit against a group of defendants that he believes are responsible for instigating a hateful and bigoted nationwide crime spree against law enforcement – by not just supporting, but actively promoting and indirectly financing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Former President Barack Obama, his former Attorney General Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam are all named in the lawsuit, with a claim they all “incited violence.”

They are also being charged with aiding and abetting murder, in addition to promoting terrorism – which if found guilty could land them a grand total of $2 billion in damages.

Klayman says Obama and his fellow jackasses worked extremely hard to challenge law enforcement, claiming police brutality whenever they could in order to inspire Black Lives Matter members to attack our men and women in blue. Obama actually went so far as to call police who responded to an incident that Henry Louis Gates Jr. was involved in “stupid.” He even met with the most violent anti-police leaders of the Black Lives Matter group.

The statement Klayman gave explains the lawsuit in detail:

“The defendants…have publicly incited people to violence with the fiction that police officers and other law enforcement are intentionally and systematically targeting and hunting blacks and other minorities to kill them for no reason other than racism or sport.”

There is no evidence supporting the claims that police have been actively targeting blacks. It seems as though the black community involved in all of the violence towards law enforcement is the real group of extreme racists. Klayman asserts that it’s not a big surprise that former Army reservist Micah Johnson actually expressed a craving to kill white law enforcement members after two highly-publicized deaths of blacks “at the hands” of the police.

The lawsuit explains that the defendants have encouraged “immediate violence and severe bodily injury or death” multiple times to be brought upon law enforcement officers throughout the nation over the years.

“Defendants are encouraging disaffected blacks and black Muslims to ignore, disrespect and assault law enforcement officials, and commit violence and lethal force, “the lawsuit states.

Let’s hope these jackasses are finally held responsible for their sickening actions and I don’t give a damn what color jail they go to.


Larry Klayman, the founder of both Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor filed a complaint before the U.S. District for the Central District of California (Case No. 2:17-cv-01705), alleging that the ACLU, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) (which was previously named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal terrorist trial in Texas), Barack Obama, George Soros, and former Attorney General Eric Holder, whose law firm represents the ACLU in various matters, and other named defendants all conspired and acted to further violent protests over President Trump’s initial executive order to implement a 90-day moratorium on immigration for 7 predominantly Muslim Middle Eastern countries.

This nation lived through eight years of miserably racist actions at the highest level of our federal government. Whether the suit ever goes to the finish line is probably true; however, that the truth has been made a part of a federal lawsuit is great.

Doesn’t require a law degree to know when a subject such as this one is without any doubt the truth and nothing but the truth and these hate mongers will go down as the true bigots and haters they truly are.

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