What the Obamas Have Planned This Christmas is Truly Disgusting

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For the eighth year in a row, the Obama family will head off to Hawaii this week for their lengthy Christmas vacation.

According to Daily Mail, they will be leaving on December 18 for their lavish, taxpayer-funded getaway.

FILE - In this Aug. 12, 2008 file photo, then Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. walks the beach with his daughters Malia, 10, left, and Sasha, 7, during his vacation in Kailua, Hawaii. Kailua is abuzz with anticipation, hoping for an economic boost from another visit by the Hawaii-born president. The White House hasn't formally announced that President Barack Obama and his family will be celebrating Christmas in Hawaii, or anywhere else, in part because the health care reform debate in Congress may delay his departure. (AP Photo/Marco Garcia, File)
(AP Photo/Marco Garcia, File)

Over the last five years, the Obamas have stayed on the most-populous island of Oahu, where they have rented a $3,500-a-day, beachside property in the wealthy neighborhood of Kailua. There, the Obama women have spent most of their time lounging around the estate doing nothing while Barack spends his days at the golf course.


Their previous Hawaiian trips have cost taxpayers over $4 million, and this one is sure to be no different. In 2012, the cost reached $7 million when Obama rushed back to Washington to close a deal on the country’s behalf.


So folks, while you and I are relaxing with friends and family on our limited budgets, Obama and his family will head off to the Hawaiian islands with their dogs to visit the alleged state of his “birth” on the taxpayers’ dime. (Of course, the “birthplace” thing is still being debated.) Nothing wrong with a vacation, Mr. President.

However, don’t go reading Americans the riot act when it comes to “green energy” and the 2nd Amendment, because you certainly are not “walking the walk”.

All the transportation you will need – it’s like funding a small army and you act like it’s just grabbing a quick cab at the corner. The transportation costs for the limos, helicopters, planes, Air Force One and who know’s what else. That’s probably adding at least $150,000 – $200,000 at our expense. There’s more.

When it comes to the 2nd Amendment, you and your family will be highly guarded with guns all around you. In fact each of your wonderful Secret Service agents, I’m guessing will make at least $200/hr to protect you and each of your famiy members. Then, there’s the additional armed local police force that will be working overtime for you, as well. Did I mention they will be armed?

It’s disgusting to think how much of our hard earned tax dollars will be wasted on your extravagant trip.

Enjoy your slurpees, Mr. President!


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