What Ilhan Omar, Pelosi and Rashida Tlaib Did During Trump’s State of the Union Speech Was Disgusting

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Opinion // Nancy Pelosi was acting like a spoiled brat during the State of the Union Address – looking around, talking to an imaginary friend, checking her notes as if she were looking at the wine list… Really petty. Mike Pence must have been thinking she was loaded –

Yes, Trump did not shake her hand, but she just spent 4 months trying to ruin his life – would you? But to sit there like a little kid who doesn’t want to be in church, shaking her head, looking down, basically being a little shiitte – when she is supposed to be representing Congress was really pathetic.

Then she did this

What happened last night with Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib? You expected them to cause a scene (and you’ll see that they did), but you’d also think that honoring a member of the Tuskegee Airmen would be something they could manage.

Nope. They sat on their hands and refused to even clap for a boundary breaking war hero who otherwise checks all the boxes of their inter-sectional ideology. Why? Because Trump.

Omar and Tlaib also didn’t stand for an African American child getting a scholarship, the death of Islamist Al-Baghdadi, or the death of terrorist Qassem Solemani. I haven’t been able to get tape of it yet, but I’d be surprised if they stood for Juan Guaido’s introduction, as both women have outspokenly signaled support for socialist dictator Maduro in Venezuela. At some point, I think the networks caught on that showing them was bad for Democrats, so they stopped.

But while they couldn’t be bothered to stand for Gen. Charles McGee, the last surviving member of the Tuskegee Airmen, they did manage to play on their phones, no doubt delivering hot takes on Instagram and Twitter.

They weren’t done yet though. Their final act of resistance was to storm out of the speech and run to social media to proclaim their heroism.

Lawsuit Filed Aimed At The Deportation Of Ilhan Omar [ICYMI]

I guess they couldn’t stomach the truth that sanctuary cities have led to gruesome, completely preventable crimes perpetrated against innocent Americans. It certainly shows where their priorities lie. They can’t be roused to applaud a war hero or the death of the world’s most prolific terrorist, but they’ll let their emotions fly if you dare suggest cities should follow Federal immigration laws.

The behavior these two women constantly showcase goes far beyond simple partisanship. These are disgusting, disrespectful, and ungratefully garbage actions. If the Democrat party had any semblance of decency left, they’d stand up and say enough is enough.

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