What I learned from the Internet: Advice by DJ Mellons

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DJ Mellon’s Opinion| The greatest thing about the Internet is what you can learn. Seriously, everyone can be an expert at anything – as long as you consult the online geniuses who populate every corner of the web with advice, opinion, how-to videos and just solid philosophy for life to help you get through.

I’ve whittled a lot of it down for you and highly recommend you do the right thing by sharing not only on Sit On My FaceBO-Ok, but through your email contacts as well. Be the good person we know you are. Thanks in advance.

Safety first. Duh. Thankfully she has a pair of airbags.

He may not be there for the birth, or even birthdays, graduation, baseball games, dinner, church, or anything else – but damnit – he was there for the conception and shouldn’t he get a little props?

Why Are These Two People Always Smiling? Opinion by DJ Mellons:

Technology is your friend. Especially when trying to locate an off-ramp or somewhere to just rest your wearing bones.

When You Lose Billy Joel, You’ve Lost Everything: Opinion by DJ Mellons

Now if he would have done a little research, he would have known how romantic rain storms are – but instead – here he is embarrassing the hell out of himself in the middle of the jungle. And she’s ready to go too. What a dumbass, right?

Chris Rock Brutally Torches Jussie Smollett At NAACP Awards Despite Being Told Not To


Trying to get that project funded? Here’s the type of guy you should be talking to. Trust me, he’s got plenty of money. Sure, he hasn’t see his penis since he was four, but you should see his bottom-line, baby. One other thing for sure: She’s on top.

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris has a message for your kids and your wife: **NSFW

Huh? And here I thought Florida was basically swamp and flat roads? Not so. Curvy and busty in some places, apparently – and how would I have known without the Internet?

Damn – pass this around and tell them DJ Mellons sent you.

There you go! Keep smiling..

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