West Hollywood Gives Stormy Daniels Key To City

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The gay capital of Los Angeles will hand the key to the city over to 2018’s favorite whore at a sex shop this afternoon.

After making a name for herself with allegations that she had engaged in a sexual relationship with Donald Trump during his marriage to Melania, Stormy has been on a tireless media circuit from SNL to strip joints.

According to the media advisory released last night, the City of West Hollywood will be represented by its Major John Duran along with other members of the city council to issue a City Proclamation to Stormy, along with a “Key to the City on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 4 p.m. at Chi Chi La Rue’s.

Chi Chi LaRue’s

The store, located in the gay district that is West Hollywood, is run by aging drag queen Larry Paciotti, better known as Chi Chi LaRue. Larry was born in 1959 and has a long history of producing both gay and straight pornographic films.

In 2007, Out Magazine called LaRue one of the “top 50 most influential people in the LGBT community,” because filming gay sex and selling sex toys is all it takes to be an influencer.

West Hollywood’s officially-endorsed website is pleased to remind you that it’s overwhelmingly gay:

“Our city is one of the most outspoken advocates anywhere for the legal rights of LGBT people; more than 40 percent of residents in West Hollywood identify as LGBT.”

Promoted By Anti-Trump Homosexuals

The press release links to the West Hollywood “Resistance” against Trump, and the cited reason for lauding ol’ Stormy is that she is a “national figure in the resistance to the Trump Administration.”

If the rumors are true, then I don’t think Stormy resisted too hard.

From the official West Hollywood government website.

The city’s website is also pro-illegal immigration, and pro-ignoring-federal-law:

“The City of West Hollywood is among 34 cities and counties urging a federal judge to block President Trump’s “Sanctuary Cities” Executive Order, signed in January 2018, which would punish localities that do not assist federal immigration enforcement.”

That’s nice. Illegal immigrants usually aren’t the most LGBT-friendly individuals, but okay, you do you.

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Daniels: ‘A Profile In Courage’

West Hollywood’s release tells us that Stormy has:

“…proven herself to be a profile in courage by speaking truth to power even under threats to her safety and extreme intimidation.”

Only in the United States does “speaking truth to power” seem to mean “being so popular that you earn an appearance in the cold open of Saturday Night Live.” Seth Rich spoke truth to power.

The release ends with a pledge to “defend the fundamental rights of its community members.”

The Legal Trouble and The Truth To It

With the courts still chewing through the information, and with lawsuits being publicly filed back-and-forth in civil courts, the quiet player behind it is Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

While Cohen has admitted to paying off Daniels with $130,000 as part of an NDA signed before the election, he at first said that he used his own money and was not paid back by Trump. Recently, Trump said that Cohen was reimbursed for the payment.

Right now, Cohen is under a federal criminal investigation in New York thanks to Robert Mueller who ordered that his office must be raided for national security reasons, or something, which is bumping back the worth on the Stormy Daniels suit for another three months.

Nobody voted for Trump thinking he was a moral leader, and if it turns out true that he was philandering with Stormy he’ll lose some votes but there are still enough people out there willing to hold their nose on his personal life and vote for the one guy who seems to be doing anything concrete for the nation.

It’s not the first time that a leader of the nation has been a jerk to his wife in his private life. Point:

In the last few days CNN has been promoting their new piece “The Kennedys” which will explore the “legendary love life” of JFK. They skip right over the fact that they’re not even pretending to be shocked that he had affairs, but are asking how exactly his inability to keep it in his pants got him in deep with the mob.

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