Week in Review: Anti-Trumpers Put Hands Over Ears; Mumble, ‘La La La La La..’

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Freed hostages from North Korea. Capture 5 ISIS leaders. Black unemployment at historic low. A new drug plan that will save billions.

And still, the left holds their hate for Donald J. Trump close to their hearts. That’s alright, the Trump train is making everyone’s lives better, even if some people are kicking and screaming.

The abuse and insults from our left wing friends — and even from our conservative friends who wanted someone less crass — is worth it, seeing everything that Trump has done. And this has been a banner week, not just for him, but for all of us who wore a MAGA hat in public before the election. Let’s go through the highlights.

Captured 5 ISIS Leaders

On Thursday morning, Trump announced the capture of five key ISIS leaders thanks to Operation Roundup, with a spokesman calling it a “significant blow to Daesh (ISIS).”

Here’s Army Colonel Sean Ryan speaking for Operation Inherent Resolve, the American-led coalition against ISIS.

Last year The Atlantic wrote an essay saying that Trump would defeat ISIS “mostly due to the work of” Barack Obama, the man who laughed off the danger and called ISIS a jay-vee team.

To start with ISIS in the middle east, Trump turned to Rex Tillerson to help him with a plan. But, as the months dragged on and the remaining few pockets of ISIS controlled territory tightened up but lingered, Tillerson found himself without a job. Now, under Mike Pompeo, Saudi Arabia is being told to take up the fight and finish the job with their own money.

“Part of Tillerson’s exit was due to his inability to wrap up operations in Syria where American involvement has been struggling to get rid of the last smudge of control that ISIS has in the region. Trump said that he would freeze over $200 million meant to support American work in the region, including air support for ground troops. After all, reasoned Trump, Saudi Arabia should be concerned about ISIS and therefore should be the ones paying for stabilization in their backyard.

Even looking at the lineup of previous Secretaries of State is phenomenal. Hillary Clinton, then John Kerry, then Rex Tillerson, and now Mike Pompeo.

Unemployment At Historic Low

This is twofold:

In April, the unemployment rate over all groups was 3.9%, the lowest since 2000.

And the black unemployment rate dipped to 6.6%, which is the lowest since the federal government started tracking the data.

The Philadelphia Tribune published a piece claiming that the rate doesn’t “tell the whole story,” citing that “wage growth was stubbornly flat” and that while the “Black jobless rate” is low, it is “double that of overall jobless data [and] still very much behind white, Asian and even Latino jobless rates.”

This is due to “implicit and explicit bias int he labor market,” said Marc Morial of the National Urban League.

Like Maxine Waters, these “leaders of the black community” only want to see their fellow man kept down, because they make all of their own personal fortunes on crying discrimination.

Iran Nuclear Deal

The success of refusing to sign on with the Iran Nuclear Deal is best shown off in the separate and co-dependent hissy fits thrown by John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to them all:

“I think based on each of those individuals’ lack of success in this entire process on foreign affairs, they would probably be the last three people that we would look to for advice and counsel, and whether or not we had made the right decisions.”

Meeting with North Korean Leader

A few hours after declaring the capture of ISIS leaders, Trump announced that he and Rocket Man would meet in Singapore next month.

This marks the first time that an American president has ever met with a leader of North Korea.


In response, a friend of Campus Reform asked students at UC Santa Cruz for their opinion. While they didn’t think Trump deserves a Peace Prize from the Nobel committee for his work, they think Obama deserved his — but they can’t exactly say what Obama did to earn one in the first place.

On top of that, Trump was able to free three American hostages to the regime, one of whom had been in chains since Obama was in office and the other two being more recent victims.


Pharmacists Freed To Openly Discuss Cheaper Options

And on Friday, Trump announced his belief that more competition and better negotiating will bring down the prices at the drug store.

Liberal papers are writing it off as full of “old ideas,” but the fact that Trump is implementing measures brought out in select states to the entire country is great news, especially because Trump has massive power to negotiate with drug companies with his stewardship of the FDA and Medicare.

Trump’s announcement focuses on three targets: Allowing pharmacists to tell insured patients about cheaper options, preventing benefit managers from pocketing the discounts struck between chains and drug suppliers and broaching the fact that foreign countries get American drugs cheaper than Americans do.

Trump 2020!

And next week, we get to watch the American embassy open in Jerusalem. It’ll be beautiful, folks.

Sources: The Washington Examiner, The Atlantic, Philadelphia Tribune

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