Lesbians Accuse Wedding Photographer of Discrimination

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Give me a break, please. Since when did it EVER become the responsibility of a business to not hurt anyone’s ‘feelings’? Since when are businesses not allowed to refuse services to anyone-for any reason? Is this discrimination against lesbians or just freedom of association?

I feel that sometimes people are just looking for something to complain about, or something to make them society’s ‘victim’. In this case, 2 lesbians decided they were getting married. Cool for you.

When seeking vendors for the wedding, they came across a photographer that refused, and of course blew it waaaay out of proportion. Western Journalism reports:

A homosexual couple in Bexley, Ohio, made headlines recently after reacting to a local Christian business owner’s stance on gay marriage by filing a discrimination complaint with the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce.

The current controversy began when Jenn Moffitt and Jerra Kincely sought the services of Next Door Stories, a videography business owned by Courtney Schmackers, pictured. In response to the lesbian couple’s inquiry, Schmackers offered a polite and succinct refusal.

“Unfortunately at this time I do not offer services for same-sex weddings,” she wrote.

Oh NOOOOOO! The horror! A polite refusal? What. is. this? How DARE she? That’s so…hateful? Yes, that’s the word. What a horrible person this lady is. And the wording…you can just tell she has a total hate-genda going on there. But wait! There’s more:

Instead of accepting the business owner’s position and moving on to a more receptive videographer, however, Moffitt and Kincely decided to make their grievance public. CNN reported that the two women complained to the local chamber and publicized their disagreement via social media.

The chamber released a letter in which it stated that its board “believes that discrimination in any form is wrong and should not be tolerated,” indicating that members will be developing new policies to deal with the issue. For those hoping city leaders will get involved on the lesbian couple’s behalf, Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler explained why that is not happening.

Though he acknowledged that the local government is “concerned” about the experience Moffitt and Kincely had in their communication with Schmackers, Kessler noted that the chamber is a “private entity” in no way controlled by the city.

Furthermore, it does not appear the business owner will face a fate like that of an Oregon bakery investigated by the state, fined, and forced to close its doors after refusing to bake a same-sex wedding cake. Though Ohio – one of a dwindling number of states in which gay marriage is still banned – does not have legislation on the books specifically protecting religious beliefs as a defense against discrimination claims, Bexley is currently one of its cities without an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against individuals based on sexual orientation.

That’s right, ladies. Looks like your political agenda, or social rights awareness move, is a flop. Or as my grandma used to say, tough bananas, kid. Yes, discrimination is WRONG. But you haven’t been discriminated against. It’s like me walking into a men’s locker room and expecting there to be toilets, showers, etc. for my use. Not happenin’. Furthermore, what right would I have to scream discrimination? If I go to Safeway and want the bakery to make a cake of men’s genitalia for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party, and they say no, we don’t do that here, I shop for a bakery that will. That is how the real world and grownup people operate. I suggest you grow up a bit before you try making such a fuss over nothing.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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