We can be proud to be an American woman

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    I have had a conversation with a Progressive woman on Facebook, who said all the usual things about how American women will be oppressed by President Trump. I ended the conversation by saying it is clear that you are unable to even consider any other view but your own, so we shall agree to disagree.

   I did write to her the following words.   Women, we can be proud that America allows women to drive and to be educated; that we don’t have to cover up our entire selves except for our eyes;  that American women are not whipped for walking with a man other than their husband; that American women are not honor-killed; that American women are not forced to have genital mutilation; that American women, for the crime of being raped, are not buried to their shoulders in sand while rocks are thrown at them til their death. That’s what makes me proud.

    Are you proud that one of the organizers of your march is all for Sharia Law?   Perhaps you should all go to the Middle East and carry on your “woe is you” protests, where it needs to be seen.  Women in America are valued whether they choose to be stay-at-home Mothers or working Mothers. Well, perhaps Hillary Clinton still denigrates those women who, as she said, “stay home and bake cookies”, but she did not get elected, and you would have supported her with all your heart.

    American women are encouraged to achieve a high education, to run for political office, and to be all that they can be. Progressives always talk about love and inclusiveness, except for those women who have ideas different from their own.  It is time for progressive women to consider all that is good for women in America.  Their shouting, name-calling, foul language and shocking pronouncements will not be changing anyone’s minds.  We Americans are allowed to think for ourselves, and we see what you are doing and saying.  We are dismissing your “nasty women” diatribe, and you are in your nastiness showing all America just who you are.  Since you are Americans, you are allowed to remain informed on only one side of an argument, as that is our fervent desire.  Keep up the good work in informing America.

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