The Only Way To Stop A Bad Guy With A Gun, Is A Grandma With A Gun!

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You would have to be pretty brave and even more stupid to break into a home in Texas.  It’s estimated that somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of Texans own firearms.  Two men found out the hard way that Texans are serious about their guns and their right to protect their homes.  Liberals would have us believe that guns are only for the bad guys and the police (though some of these liberal nutjobs would even argue against police being armed).

The police are great, but in the short amount of time it takes for you to report a robbery or for them to respond, a lot can happen.  The average wait time for police to respond to a call is about 7 minutes nationwide.  When two armed men enter your home and you are a 60-year-old woman, 7 minutes can seem like an eternity!

Think of all that can happen in that time, and that assumes you even make it to the phone to make the call in the first place!  In this day and age you have to protect yourself and that’s just what this granny in Texas did.

H/T Fox News

“A 60-year-old Texas woman wasn’t taking any chances Monday morning when she heard two intruders enter her home, grabbing her pistol and shooting one of the would-be thieves dead, police said.

The woman, who was not immediately identified, confronted the two armed men after they entered her Harris County home through an open garage door around 11:30 a.m., WTSP reported.

Cathy Hanks, a neighbor, said it’s not surprising the woman fired her pistol when she saw a threat in her home, explaining: “That’s really how we are. That’s just Texas.”

“It’s the state of Texas. If you’re going to go into someone’s home, you’re going to get shot,” Hanks said.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s spokesman Thomas Gilliland told WTSP that both intruders — neither of whom were identified — were armed with pistols when the woman confronted them. She fired several shots and struck at least one man, who collapsed and died in her front yard.

Police found a gun next to the dead man’s body. His accomplice jumped over the fence and escaped, though it’s unclear if he was wounded in the incident.

The woman was not injured in the incident. She did not know the intruders, WTSP reported.

Police are still looking for the second intruder, described as a man in his 20’s who was wearing dark clothing with red underwear peeking out of his pants.”

Thank goodness this took place in Texas and not in Canada, where the homeowner would be held liable for the death of the intruder!

The Daily Caller reports that in Canada a recent similar situation had a very different outcome.  A man was at home when an armed intruder entered the house.  There was a struggle for the gun and the intruder was shot.

The homeowner “faces charges of attempted murder, intent to discharge a firearm, intent to discharge a firearm when being reckless, careless use of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing that possession is unauthorized, and possession for the purpose of trafficking.” All of this because he protected himself in his own home from armed intruders!

It’s scary to think what might have happened had the 60-year-old grandma from Texas not been armed.  Thankfully, this grandma was prepared when these two armed men entered her home. I highly doubt they were expecting this grandma to shoot back.

Unfortunately, bad guys will always have guns.  There is no question about it.  The only question is whether or not you will have one too.

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