Watch People Freak out Over Driverless Car Prank [VIDEO]

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Cars today are doing some pretty fascinating things thanks to technology. We were excited when cars came out with automatic windshield wipers, power steering and airbags, but got even more thrilled to have rearview cameras, automatic high-beam lights, GPS and internet. Now they have gone a step further and it’s truly amazing.

Tesla has a feature called “Autopilot.”  It’s great for a prank like this.  You start off, set the cruise control and then give the cruise control lever another tug and it’s in autopilot.  The car drives itself.  Really.  Watch.

The car will reportedly stay in the lane and drive itself.  All you need to do is take over when it’s time to get off the highway.

In this video the driver is actually in the car, he’s just under the seat cover so it looks like no one is even in the car let alone driving it.

I can’t even imagine what your insurance company will have to say about this. Not sure I would want my 16-year-old driving an $80,000 car with autopilot.

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