WATCH As This Peaceful Christian Preacher Is Barbarically Attacked By A Muslim Man

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The mainstream liberal media constantly discusses the prejudice and islamaphobia that exists against those who are not Christian. But they never discuss the discrimination that Christians face at the hands of radical liberals. It is a reality we deal with every day. Despite the narrative of the Muslim faith being one of peace and not of violence yet another story has broken of a Muslim man viciously attacking a non-Muslim individual for their faith.

A recent Youtube video went viral of a Muslim man in an Islamic hat and outfit savagely beating a Christian preacher. The preacher can be seen in the video standing in the street preaching the gospel. He is presumable a missionary. All of a sudden an infuriated Muslim man came charging at him. When the preachers kind words did not work in settling this Muslim man down the Muslim man attacked him. Watch below,

In one of the strangest turns of events it was the Christian preacher who was charged with battery… not the Muslim man who started the fight. Despite the fact that the video flagrantly showed the truth, the Muslim man was at fault. This is the warped reality we currently live in. One where a victim is charged and a perpetrator is let go.

The problem is the sense of entitlement radical Muslims feel in thinking they have a right to dictate what others do in public. This is the United States of America where people have freedom of speech and can do as they please. If they don’t like it then they can walk away. But they cannot force others to behave the way they see fit.

But under the Obama administration they created an entitlement culture of migrants who feel that the United States is obligated to bring them into our country and by extension bend our own cultural norms to fit what they want. That is not how it works.

They should worship the ground they walk on and be glad for our countries generosity but instead we see this ludicrous nonsense circulating the internet. America is better than this. If you cannot abide by our rules and cultural norms then you don’t belong here.

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