WATCH: High School Students DEFY Atheist Org By Reciting Lord’s Prayer At Football Game

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High School Students at Opelika High School in Alabama defied an order by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) that no prayers were to be said at their games anymore by reciting The Lord’s Prayer from the stands and field. The FFRF had threatened the Opelika City Schools Board of Education with legal action if they continued having prayers. The kid’s were not having any of it whatsoever.

Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation has a modus operandi of threatening schools and districts with legal action of they do not put a stop to public prayer on campus and at any school sponsored events,

The Opelika school district made the decision to have only a moment of silence in order to replace its traditional pre-game prayer. There was no silence as the students took the opportunity to declare with actions that they will not have their 1st Amendment rights trampled on.

In FRFF’s letter to the Board of Education, obtained by the Alabama News Network, the atheist organization referred the issue as representing the concerns of a parent. That parent had complained that they had felt alienated enough by the traditional prayer to want to “move their children out of the district.”

One parent.

In response, the FFRF complained that students at Opelika High School should be prohibited from expressing their Christian beliefs in the schooling arena.

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CBN News expounds:

“The Supreme Court has specifically struck down invocations given over the loudspeaker at public school athletic events, even when student led,” the group declared.

In response, the district ordered administrators at Opelika to enforce a “moment of silence” to stop the game attendees from praying vocally.

“We recognize that the United States of America is a nation of laws and we will abide by the current law,” OCS Superintendent Mark Neighbors on the told the outlet.

“Our students are allowed to pray, but our coaches are not allowed to participate,” he added, referring to a portion of the letter which alleged that coaches were praying alongside students.

The students, however, were having none of it. Far from remaining silent, they chose to defiantly recite the Lord’s prayer out loud.’

“You’re taking [prayer] away from the majority, so now we’re having to go about it a different way,” student Phoebe Darcey told WSFA.

Speaking in defense of the students, Trinity United Methodist Church Youth Pastor Steve Bass added that the original prayer was not even “overtly Christian,” but merely a chance to bless the players in their game.

“It was always, ‘Hey God, please keep our players safe from injury, help the fans and the players to have good sportsmanship, everyone have a good night,’” he told WFSA. “It was nothing offensive.”

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What comes next? We will see! It is definitely uncertain whether or not the FFRF will take action against a large number of brave High School students and formally retaliate against a bunch of kids with legal action. Let them try. These brave students showed tremendous courage to stand up and call on the name of the Lord. Be encouraged by their boldness!

Public schools in the country have long faced controversy for prayer before sporting events and the FFRF has made it their goal to get every single school to stop doing so.  In 2017, another Alabama school district stopped saying the Lord’s Prayer before games. Earlier this month, a Georgia high school was also banned from praying before a football game after an atheist group complained.

It is time to fight back, and I am glad these students did just that!

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