[Watch] Former Gov. Huckabee’s Epic Response to Emotional Anti-Gun Marchers

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Former Governor Mike Huckabee gave an EPIC response to the emotional anti-gun ‘March for Our Lives’ protesters. 

This past weekend, the March for Our Lives protests took place in over 800 places including Washington, D.C..  Former Governor Mike Huckabee sure had the best response for these protesters especially since these marchers have NO CLUE when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights!

What was very obvious was the marchers had a “lack of appreciation and understanding of the Second Amendment” and let their “emotion” get the best of them. You would think if these marchers had ANY clue they would be calling for their teachers and others to have the right to conceal and carry in their schools. As we all know the best way to counterattack a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun.

As Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade: “It goes against logic” for survivors to want comprehensive gun control instead of somebody “shooting back for me.”

While appearing on “Fox and Friends,” the politician-turned-commentator addressed the recent demonstrations that are supposedly about stopping violence, but have become essentially anti-Second Amendment rallies where law-abiding gun owners are vilified for the actions of one criminal.


“I salute these students for their passion and their energy, and for their interest in helping to shape public policy,” Huckabee began, extending an olive branch to the young people protesting. “But I would say this to them: Emotion is a terrible substitute for truth.

@GovMikeHuckabee: I salute these students for their passion in shaping public policy…but emotion is a terrible substitute for truth pic.twitter.com/cf35nscW8Y

— FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) March 25, 2018

“It is a terrible substitute for facts,” Huck continued. “And they’ve been used, by believing that if they just ban a certain type of firearm, that things are going to be better.”

That wasn’t just the former governor’s opinion. A vast amount of evidence backs up the view that the left’s “solutions” — many of which have already been tried — would do nothing to actually stop criminals.

Huckabee: Five times more people killed in America by knives!

“Here’s the facts:

Five times more people are killed in America by knives… than they are by rifles,” Huckabee explained.

The most recent FBI data shows that in 2016, there were 374 murders committed using rifles in the entire United States. That includes so-called “assault rifles.” However, a stunning 1,604 murders were committed using “knives or cutting weapons.”

Even hands, fists, and feet were used to kill more often than rifles: Criminals committed 656 murders using just their body.

“It’s also true that over 86 percent of the 20,000 police chiefs and sheriffs in America do not support repealing concealed carry, but rather rather support (gun ownership),” Mike Huckabee went on. “And they don’t support more gun control methods.”

HUCKABEE: 86% of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs SUPPORT GUN OWNERSHIP!

As we’ve previously reported, there was an amazing 215 percent increase in concealed carry permits between 2007 and 2015.

During the same time period, there was a 14 percent decrease in the murder rate. In fact, violent crime has been cut in half since about 1990, yet the media constantly acts as if violence is spiraling out of control.


Mike Huckabee’s primary point is so good, it must be repeated: “Emotion is a terrible substitute for truth.”

The left and the mainstream media seem to be purposely burying facts or even outright lying about statistics in order to promote an agenda.

American schools are actually some of the safest places in the country. Contrary to the narrative, mass shootings in schools have not be dramatically increasing in recent years. Students have a higher probability of being killed riding their bikes or walking to school than by a school shooter.

Huck’s line about emotion over truth is an apt summary of not only the current push against lawful gun ownership, but also almost all of liberalism. One of the hallmarks of being responsible adults is using logic and critical thinking over fear-based reaction and hysteria.

The next time you see a news headline or hear a statement from a protester, ask yourself:

“Is this based on reasoned logic and truth, or all emotion?”

In addition, just remember these same kids who are basing their logic on emotion are the same kids who can’t control themselves when it comes to eating Tide Pods. Do you really want the same kids who get a thrill from eating Tide pods educated adults about our 2nd Amendment rights? Hardly!

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