Watch DRUNK DRIVING District Attorney Lehmberg Throw Temper Tantrum And Threaten Police During Arrest and Booking

"You are ruining my entire political career!"

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Former Travis County, Texas DA Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, blamed the police as she was being arrested and charged for drunk driving. She had endangered the lives of her own constituents, yet she did not care. She only cared about her career. This is entitlement mentality at its finest.

The video below is the best reality TV ever. You will want to watch them all. They never get boring. Pass it on to your friends as well! Her blood-alcohol content was .23 – nearly three times the legal limit. She claims MULTIPLE times that she wasn’t drunk.

This incident happened back in 2013, but the MSM refused to cover it very much. I was so disgusted at the time because Lehmberg refused to resign. Lehmberg term limited out in 2016, but her actions were so abhorrent, that I decided that I would continue to tell the story over the coming years. I have therefore, covered this story once a year. She made her legacy.

Lehmberg was one of the most powerful DAs in Texas. She should have known better than to habitually drive drunk. (If she thinks we believe she just HAPPENED to get caught her first and only time….) She should have REALLY known better than to throw a temper tantrum that these officers had to deal with.

I am all for forgiveness. However, public servants are held to a much higher standard. Those who are elected to maintain law and order, are held to the highest of standards. Lehmberg, of ALL people, should have maintained dignity during the arrest, cooperated fully, and been humble, embarrassed, and repentant. She was not. Merry Christmas Rosemary!

Liberal Entitlement: Drunk District Attorney Berates Cops During Temper Tantrum [WATCH]

Lehmberg blamed everyone else, in a bullying way, for the situation she herself had caused.

She blamed every law enforcement officer she encountered. She threw a temper tantrum and made threats. Lehmberg was mean, unprofessional, and acted like a spoiled teenager, not an adult.

Watch: (More Videos Below As Well)

When DA Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for drunk driving she spit, kicked, threatened, and resisted officers like a spoiled child and it was all caught on tape! In fact, get the popcorn, there is quite a bit of video to watch and it gets pretty entertaining!

Lehmberg was “uncooperative” and “aggressive” and had to be restrained with leg irons, handcuffs, and a spit mask as she repeated over and over, “Call Greg!”, apparently in reference to Sheriff Greg Hamilton.

Well it seems while she was screaming to “Call Greg!” Greg had authorized a search warrant on her! So much for calling “Greg”!

She also screamed:

“I wasn’t drunk!”

“You are ruining my entire political career!”

“Give me my phone!”

“This is not fair!”

Liberal Entitlement: District Attorney Lehmberg Blames Cops During Drunk Driving Temper Tantrum [WATCH]

“Congratulations you guys.”

“You better do something quick because you are going to be in jail not me!”

“I’m the District Attorney! Get these cuffs off of me now!”

“What is wrong with you people?”

“I’m the Distinct Attorney and NO ONE has done anything for ME!”

“This is stupid, do you know that?”

“Ya’ll have just ruined my career for nothing at all!”

“Look at this! I am restrained… like a criminal!”

Watch some more:

Lehmberg had the response: “I didn’t hit anybody!”


You can see why, and this will not be the last time, that I continue to share and cover this story.

Rosemary, Red Skelton famously said: “From the people to the leaders, not the leaders to the people!”

That is the foundation of our system of government. You were not elected to be a master, you were elected to be a servant. You spent your career, beyond this instance, acting like a master. Shame on you. But within this incident, that mentality was made very clear.

You may not have hit someone. But you well could have killed someone. This was not the first time. Your record of alcohol purchases is clear. And it is FAR from small. This just happened to be the time you got caught.

I am a big supporter of redemption.

I am also a firm believer in mistakes. We all make them, and they are actually important. We learn from our mistakes and grow. If we make no mistakes, there is no growth.

But drunk driving is no mistake. Drunk driving is planned. You knew when you were drinking, a lot, 3X the driving level, that you had to drive home drunk. Rosemary Lehmberg, you did not care about the constituents or their children that you might kill. You did not care about the property damage you might cause.

And after you got caught, committing, as one of Travis County’s biggest law enforcement officials, one of the most heinous and dangerous crimes there is:

You blamed everyone else, over and over and over! Rosemary Lehmberg, you were mean, vile, and acted like an elected bully to many in the Travis County law enforcement community. They were just doing their job. These honorable men and women were protecting your constituents. They were cleaning up your mess.

So Rosemary, expect this time next year, that again, I will cover your story, and share you abhorrent behavior caught on video.

I will do so again the following year.

I will not let people forget how you treated the fine men and women in law enforcement.

You should have resigned. Instead you attacked those who called for your resignation, again, abusing your position. Again, acting like a master instead of the elected servant you were. You felt you were entitled, and could do whatever you wanted. Children act that way, not adults.

So this is your legacy.


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