Elizabeth Warren Says Congress Should Force [White] Americans to Give Money to Black Communities

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In a CNN town hall this week, Elizabeth Warren got her Presidential campaign off making headlines. In addition to telling Mississippians to change their state flag due to its reflection of the Confederate flag, she pitched an ‘ultra-millionaires tax,’ criticized ‘giant financial institutions,’ and told the crowd that Congress should mandate White Americans pay money to Black communities to atone for slavery (reparations).

I’m not sure if that includes her, or just the 99.9999% of her that is white, but Politico reports that Warren is the first 2020 presidential candidate to really mention the thought of reparations, saying; “I believe it’s time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations.”

The bill, which former Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) first introduced in 1989, was reintroduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) in January. “The commission would also make recommendations concerning any form of apology and compensation to begin the long delayed process of atonement for slavery,” Jackson Lee said earlier this year.

Warren and most other 2020 candidates have cautiously approached the topic of reparations, wary of alienating voters by fully embracing the idea or being dismissive of it. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has endorsed the concept but has not provided details. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) have not endorsed the idea but have said that robust steps must be taken to combat systemic racism.

Senator Warren endorsing the idea of reparations wasn’t all she had to say on Monday evening. She told the crowd, which was crowded with African Americans, that Mississippi should remove the stars and bars of Confederacy from their state flag. She went on to speak about her housing bill which would allow for special assistance for those communities that had formerly been redlined, saying that white supremacists as as big of a national security risk as “any other terrorist group — like ISIS, like al-Qaida.”

The Massachusetts Senator went on to criticize oil companies and “giant financial institutions,” calling for her “ultra-millionaires tax” to be enforced.

Diamond and Silk report that Warren “received a positive reaction from the crowd when she discussed the role of faith in her life. Warren said she was raised Methodist and referenced the story of the sheep and the goats in the book of Matthew. She said a Bible school lesson on the story taught her that ‘there is God, there is value in every single human being’ and that ‘we are called to action.’”

Not much has come out of proposals of retribution in the past.

Diamond and Silk report:

Some ideas of the reparation include a specific, or targetted tax, while others include voluntary calls for donations to organizations and community groups.

Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar told NBC’s “Meet The Press,” that there should be an effort to payback for historical wrongdoing but that the payment did not have to be direct payments.

“I believe we have to invest in those communities that have been so hurt by racism. It doesn’t have to be a direct payment for each person,” Klobuchar said, as Politico reports.

Warren did not mention white people specifically, but who do you think is going to pay for this?  It would be counter intuitive for minorities to pay reparations.  Soooo … that just leaves those evil white guys.

Elizabeth Warren Gets Heckled At Georgia Rally: ‘Why Did You Lie?’

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Declares Entitlement: ‘I’m a QUEEN and I DEMAND to be Treated Like One’

Elizabeth Warren Caught Lying About Sexual Harassment!

Remember when Sen. Warren said she was part Cherokee? Yeah, that was a lie. Well, now with all the women in Hollywood coming out about producer and pervert Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment it looks like Fauxcahontas told another doozy of a lie.

Turns out, she told that same story before — and it wasn’t as dastardly as she now makes it seem.

In the wake of the allegations from numerous women about how now-disgraced mega movie producer Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed them, the #MeToo movement quickly gained traction, opening a social media space for women to talk about their private experiences of sexual harassment or abuse. Warren appeared on “Meet the Press” and told a story about an incident at the University of Houston early in her academic career, saying:

“Yes, I have a ‘me, too’ story too. I was a baby law professor and so excited to have my first real teaching job. And there was this senior faculty member who, you know, would tell dirty jokes and make comments about my appearance. And one day he asked me if I would stop by his office, which I didn’t think much about. And I did. And he slammed the door and lunged for me. It was like a bad cartoon. He’s chasing me around the desk, trying to get his hands on me,” she said.

Warren continued with the sordid tale adding, “And I kept saying, ‘You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do this. I have little children at home. Please don’t do this.’ And trying to talk calmly. And at the same time, what was flickering through my brain is, ‘If he gets hold of me, I’m going to punch him right in the face.’ After several rounds, I jumped for the door and got out. And I went back to my office and I just sat and shook. And thought, ‘What had I done to bring this on?’ And I told my best friend about it. Never said a word to anyone else. But for a long time, I wore a lot of brown.”

Then she homed in on her central argument… inclusion saying, “What it means now that so many people have spoken out, is it’s a way to say, ‘We’re here for each other.’ And it’s also a way to say, ‘No. It’s not about what you did. He’s the one who stepped out of line. And this is on him.’”

Well, The Boston Globe noticed that Warren had told this story at least once before… during the funeral of that “terrible” senior faculty member. However, when she told it then… it was much more lighthearted.

As the Globe noted:

“When Senator Elizabeth Warren on Sunday told a national television audience a personal story of sexual harassment from her days as a young law professor, she described a harrowing incident that left her shaken. She said that she wondered if she’d done something to deserve it and that she told no one but a close friend.

“But the tone of her telling, recounted on NBC’S ‘Meet the Press,’ appears to be inconsistent with the reportedly more lighthearted manner in which she described the same incident two decades after it occurred, during the memorial service for the senior University of Houston faculty member she accused of pursuing her around his office.

“During the service after his death in 1997, Warren spoke fondly of law professor Eugene Smith and told the gathered mourners she was laughing as Smith chased her around his desk, according to a colleague’s memoir. The writer of the memoir, however, now says he might have treated the incident too lightly.”

Maybe so, but either way, one version of the story is clearly not true. And to make the latest iteration even less plausible, the Globe noted that Warren failed to mention on “Meet The Press” that Smith had polio.

So this sex-crazed faculty member — who’d had “many falls in his life due to polio,” according to his obituary on FindaGrave.com — chased a “panicked” Warren around his desk?

Yes, cue the hate indeed. Cue the hate for the idea that someone could try to take something that was sparked out of solidarity for women who had actually been abused and turn it into just another stepping stone for her inclusion into something that was clearly not about her.

Talk about another faux pas or should that just be… Fauxcahontas.

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