WARNING: Seismologist Claims California Will Soon Be DEVASTATED By Massive Earthquake!

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Don’t get to comfortable yet, Californians, because a decimating earthquake is coming soon, which means that California has some preparations to do. All this comes from a top scientist who is ringing the bells on what’s to come for the West coast of America.

Lucy Jones is the Seismologist from the US Geological Survey, who in a melodramatic address, claimed that people need to act and prepare themselves rather than putting off the inevitable.

Dr. Jones also claimed that California’s determination to not wake up and smell the impending devastation will only mean many more people are going to be caught needlessly in what they like to call the ‘Big One’, which according to scientists, is far overdue.

Dr. Jones was the keynote speaker for a conference that included the Japan Geoscience Union and American Geophysical Union. In her experience she believes that the average person pushes off earthquake preparation into the future at least 30 years – big mistake.

Dr. Jones also gives three key reasons why the coming event is so much more dangerous to us – you cannot see it, it is uncertain and it seems unknowable when it will strike. Essentially making it an out of sight, out of mind type of deal with folks generally just burying their heads and acting as if they’ve never heard of an earthquake, or the fault line that runs down the West coast.

‘We find patterns even when they’re not real. Someone’s decision not to be ready increases the chances that others will suffer.’

Jones also tweeted her warning, in hopes people would listen: ‘I’m not trying to terrify people. I’m trying to inspire action that will prevent our scenarios from coming true. It’s in our power to change’.

She and her team of scientists have done the research and predict that a 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault could kill countless people and lay waste to 15,000 buildings.

She shared how the 2011 earthquake off the East coast of Japan had demolished the area:

‘The city leaders ignored protocol that said to move to higher ground and conducted their emergency meeting in the city hall. When the tsunami poured over the sea wall, they lost over 1,000 people, including most of their city government’.

The DM:

In March researchers claimed that if a major tremor hit California, it could plunge large parts of the area into the sea almost instantly. The discovery was made after studying the Newport-Inglewood fault, which has long been believed to be one of Southern California’s danger zones. The fault runs under densely populated areas, from the Westside of Los Angeles to the Orange County coast.

Major earthquakes on the fault centuries ago caused a parts of Seal Beach near the Orange County coast to sink 3 ft in just seconds. In total three quakes over the last 2,000 years on nearby faults made ground just outside Los Angeles city limits sink as much as 3 ft.

Today that could result in the area ending up at or below sea level, said Cal State Fullerton professor Matt Kirby, who worked with the paper´s lead author, graduate student Robert Leeper. The study showed that land within major Californian seismic faults could sink by 1.5 and three feet instantly.

1857 was the last year that the San Andreas fault was disturbed by an earthquake…The next time the fault line moves, it will be a devastating day.

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