The Current War Between Elizabeth Warren and Obama/Biden Began With Extortion In 2010

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There has been a very obvious chasm between Elizabeth Warren and the ‘Obama Team’, and it has come to a head as she fights Joe Biden for the Democrat Presidential nomination. This war did not start this year, it started almost a decade ago in 2010. When you hear the ‘rest of the story’, many other items will begin to make sense!

The problem between Warren and the former President was so deep, and so intense, that some of his aids felt it was distracting him from other important issues. It has been said that Obama spent long hours agonizing over this situation with Warren. How was he supposed to go forward and what was he supposed to decide?

I was actually aghast when I read the story in POLITICO by Alex Thompson: Why Are You P——g In Our Face?: Inside Warren’s War With the Obama Team’

Warren gave the President an ultimatum, that fits well the definition of extortion. ‘Either you put me in charge, or I will use my powers to continue to investigate the Obama Treasury Department!”

‘I can either work from the inside, or I can attack you from the outside’ was her message.

“I took it as a message and I think she meant it as one,” Obama adviser David Axelrod says. Warren sent the signal that she could either be inside the tent p—ing out or outside p—ing in, Axelrod says, quoting a vivid Lyndon B. Johnson quip.

So what happened? What was the occasion that brought this all to such a point?

I will let Thompson explain:

Amid the financial crisis, Warren had become an unlikely star of the left with unambiguous moral outrage and an ability to explain complex financial topics in ways that made them fodder for dinner-table conversation. Improbably, she had turned a largely powerless congressional panel monitoring the bank bailout into a national bully pulpit of populist fury. Her target was not just the big banks but the new Democratic administration, which she suggested had been co-opted by them.

She parlayed her newfound status into a push for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to be part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. As the legislation was about to pass in June of 2010, Warren met with presidential adviser David Axelrod and was blunt: She wanted Obama to nominate her to run the agency or she could continue probing the Treasury’s every move.

“I took it as a message and I think she meant it as one,” Axelrod says. Warren sent the signal that she could either be inside the tent p—ing out or outside p—ing in, Axelrod says, quoting a vivid Lyndon B. Johnson quip.

Obama was equally straightforward. “Tell her to keep her mouth shut,” he said, according to Axelrod. “She may well be the choice, but we can’t surface that now.”

Even though Warren had infuriated many on his economic team, Obama wanted Warren inside the tent. After he signed the Dodd-Frank legislation in July 2010 with her in the front row, Obama tried to find a compromise.

One White House official suggested to Warren that the president would nominate someone else but she would be the bureau’s “cheerleader.”

“It was insulting. And I wasn’t going to do it,” Warren recalls in an interview this summer from the presidential campaign trail in Iowa, dodging whether she found the suggestion sexist.

What about a special adviser? No. The bureau’s public spokeswoman? Nope.

Now the real question is this:

Is the the of person we want as the Leader of the Free World, negotiating inside and outside the United States? Do we want a person in the White House who so easily tried to extort a position of power?

As you finish the article by Thompson, and I hope you do, you will find that Warren refused to take any other answer than the position of power that she was after.

“I was not going to set that agency up asking Tim Geithner every day, ‘Mother may I?’” Warren stated about the situation at one point. “It just wasn’t going to work.”

Thompson mentions that ‘interviews with more than 50 top officials in the Obama White House and Treasury Department, members of Warren’s inner circle at the time and Warren herself, reveal a far more combative relationship’ than she speaks of on the campaign trail.

This could get interesting! Thompson revealed this yesterday, and at of all places POLITICO? Elizabeth Warren cannot be happy with this!

Keep the popcorn coming!

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