War on Christianity: Apple Removes Christian Holidays From iPhone Calendar

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Apple’s recent update for the iPhone has removed Easter Sunday and Good Friday from its calendars, prompting consumer complaints and social media outrage.

According to reports, the Apple software update is not a glitch iPhone update has deliberately removed Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

There is also an option to add Alternate Calendars, including Islamic. But a Christian calendar is absent from this list on iOS 11.2.5.

War on Christianity: Apple Removes Christian Holidays From iPhone Calendar

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“Easter Sunday shows up on calendars for iPhone users running versions 11.2.2 of Apple’s iOS operating system, but not some users of 11.2.5, which is the latest version of the OS. However, one user said Easter showed in their calendar,” reported Fox News. “The default setting on iOS devices is for U.S. holidays, which shows holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Independence Day. However, there is an option to add Alternate Calendars, including Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic. But Christian is absent from this list on iOS 11.2.5.”

Many users complained about the disappearance of Christian Holidays from their calendars on Apple’s forums:

“I’m looking for Easter Sunday on my calendar and it’s not there. I am subscribed to the US Holidays calendar. I can see easy checkbox options to add Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic holidays but not Christian holidays? Is Apple anti-Christian? As a side note… Easter is still included as a US Holiday on the Microsoft calendar. You’ve got “Juneteenth” but no Easter? Really?”

“How come Easter isn’t showing up on my iPhone calendar [sic] but all the other holidays are?” complained one user, while another claimed Apple support informed them that the holiday had been removed intentionally.

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“All other Holidays, including ‘religious’ holidays, are included on the iPhone US Holidays calendar, but not Good Friday or Easter,” declared the user. “I thought, well, April Fool’s day is listed. It falls on the same day as Easter this year. Maybe it was just a glitch and slipped through the cracks. I then followed up on the Apple Forum for an answer and I tried the suggestions to include a different US Holidays calendar. To no avail.”

“I then called Apple, the first service rep I spoke with was sorta rude and dismissive. She forwarded me to someone who has been very helpful,” they continued. “He had not been aware of the omission and sent a service inquiry. He phoned me back and sadly to him, informed me the response he received was, the calendar is as it should be. Apple decided to omit Good Friday and Easter from the iPhone US Holiday Calendar which is supplied on its products. This makes absolutely no sense.”

Workers from Silicon Valley are leaving in droves.

This is much due to a discomfort stemming from the liberal way of thinking in the industry and region, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A large majority of conservatives said they uneasy in the living in the area due to their political and personal beliefs. According to a study by the Lincoln Network, roughly 89 percent and 74 percent of people who identified conservative said they are hesitant of being themselves while working in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, more than two-thirds of libertarians, which were the largest portion of respondents in the survey, said the same.

Big money and investment is leaving as well.

Billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel has said he plans to leave Silicon Valley in part because of its perceived cultural uniformity.

Tom McInerney, an angel investor who moved a decade ago to Los Angeles from the Bay Area, states:

“I think the politics of San Francisco have gotten a little bit crazy.”

Tim Ferriss, the tech investor and best-selling author of the “4 Hour Workweek,” moved to Austin, Texas, in December. He had lived in the Bay Area for 17 years. He moved because he felt people there penalized anyone who didn’t conform to a hyper liberal credo.

People in Silicon Valley “openly lie to one another out of fear of losing their jobs or being publicly crucified,” said Mr. Ferriss in a recent discussion on Reddit.

It is not just ideology.

Apart from ideological issues, many are being driven away from the Bay Area by soaring housing costs and increasing traffic congestion.

Of the 1,000 registered voters from the nine counties making up the Bay Area: 40% said they were considering leaving the region. They cited the cost of living, traffic and a lack of availability of housing.

California liberalism is destroying the state. Silicon Valley has for years now held the state from economically sinking into the mire.



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