War Between South and North Korea to Permanently End Ahead of Trump Summit

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Donald Trump is bringing peace to the world through a show of strength. Next week, the leaders of South and North Korea will renew talks to end military conflict between the two countries.

North and South Korea were first divided in 1945 with the communist Soviets taking over the north and the Americans taking over the South. The South has become a beautiful, modern country thanks to the presence of Americans, and the North is rife with famine, disease, and human rights abuses that will only be fully known when North Korea, like the USSR before it, finally collapses.

Obama could never have watched over something like this!

The two countries have technically been at war with each other since the Korean War in the early 1950s, which ended with a truce and not a peace treaty. Now that Donald Trump is showing strength in the Middle East and that Mike Pence is making the rounds visiting the military bases in South Korea, it looks like it’s high time for Rocket Man to start talking before he gets bombed back for continuing his little missile tests.

There will be a summit next week between Kim Jong Un from the north and President Moon Jae-in of the South, and among the topics of discussion will be the removal of the demilitarized zone separating the two countries.

This would not have been possible without President Trump, who is already planning to meet Kim face-to-face in May or June.

Timeline History of South Korea and North Korea

The Korean peninsula has been inhabited for millennia, but let’s look at a few major changes in the last few centuries with a concentration on more modern political history. I picked dates that would be interesting to a western reader.

  • 1231 Mongols invade Korea
  • 1270 Peace treaty with Mongols
  • 1592 Japanese invasion of Korea
  • 1627 First invasion by the Manchu (modern China)
  • 1636 Second invasion by the Manchu
  • 1653 Dutch ship arrives for the first time
  • 1866 French campaign against Korea
  • 1871 American expedition to Korea
  • 1905 Korea becomes a protected state under Imperial Japan
  • 1909 Japan’s governor of Korea is assassinated by a Korean independence activist
  • 1910 Japan begins to annex Korea
  • 1919 Korean independence is crushed by Japanese
  • 1932 Korean independence activists bomb Japanese military and attempt to assassinate the Japanese Emperor
  • 1945 Japan surrenders to the allies and Korea finally becomes independent
  • 1945 Korean peninsula divided between the Soviets (North Korea) and Americans in the south.
  • 1946 Cold War dissolves North Korean and South Korean relations as the USSR and USA are unable to work out details of a reunited Korea.
  • 1948 United Nations sponsors elections in South Korea
  • 1948 Establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea under Kim Il-Sung, grandfather to the current leader.
  • 1950 Korean War
  • 1950 United Nations Troops make an amphibious landing to recapture the South Korean city of Seoul from the communists.
  • 1953 End of the Korean War
  • 1964 South Korea joins the Vietnam War
  • 1965 Treaty between Japan and South Korean to re-establish relations.
  • 1977 South Korea celebrates 10 billion dollars earned from exports after discontinuing imports of rice
  • 1979 Jimmy Carter visits South Korea and threatens President Park Chung Hee with the removal of American support if he did not stop developing nuclear weapons. Park, who was installed through a military coup, was assassinated later that year.
  • 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul
  • 1990 South Korea and North Korea join the United Nations
  • 1991 End of the Cold War as the USSR collapses
  • 1994 Kim Jong Il takes over after the death of his father
  • 1994-1998 Famine known as the Arduous March kills upward of 3.5 million North Koreans out of a population of 22 million
  • 1999 North Korea promises to stop testing long-range missiles
  • 2005 North Korea fires short-range missile into the East Sea
  • 2006 Nuclear test in North Korea, Americans say it might have been a misfire
  • 2011 Kim Jong Il dies, son Kim Jong Un takes over
  • 2013 Kim Jong Un executes his uncle for being a traitor
  • 2016 Impeachment of President Park Geun-hye, daughter of President Park Chung Hee for bribery, abuse of power, leaking government docuements and coercion. She was later sentenced to 24 years in jail for massive corruption.

North Korea In The News

Last month, with rumors of talks under, President Trump was announced that if he were to meet with Kim it be the first American president to ever meet with a leader of North Korea. Previously, only American officials had met with or spoke to North Korean officials or leaders.

“North Korea leader ‘Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization with the South Korean Representatives, not just a freeze,’ Trump said in a tweet. ‘Also, no missile testing by North Korea during this period of time.’”

This news comes weeks after a botched missile test by Rocket Man that took place on New Year’s Day this year.

Sources: CNBC, Wikipedia

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