Want to Watch Kellyanne Conway Go Off on CNN Reporter?

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While appearing on CNN, Kellyanne Conway was asked by a reporter to defend what Mr. Conway had posted on Twitter about Donald Trump.

Kellyanne was quick to refuse to answer the question, alleging that the CNN anchor would not ask the same question of a man, and that it’s a cheap way to introduce discord into her marriage.

“I just want to ask you one question, and a lot of people are asking this… and that is, what’s up with your husband’s tweets?”

While calling George Conway “very well respected” Bash stated that he had been sending tweets “critical” of the Trump administration. For example, Bash brought up a tweet that has since been deleted.

Responding to Kaitlin Collins, CNN’s white House reporter who said:

“This is why officials are so hesitant to speak for Trump. He says one thing, then does the opposite. He says he’s happy with McMaster, they defend him, then he fires him a week later. He says he’ll sign the bill, they publicly as much, then he tweets he’s considering a veto.”

George wrote:

“So true. It’s absurd. Which is why people are banging down the doors to be his comms director.”

Myself, I wouldn’t call this “critical” as much as I would say that there is a strong need for a communications strategy. And it looks like the best communication strategy is don’t talk to the press, ever, and especially not about Trump. What’s so wrong with that?

Kellyanne says that her husband tweets about sports, the Philadelphia Eagles and corgis too, but she wanted to say two things in response. “Number one,” that Hillary Clinton, who lost the election was wrong to say that white women listen to the men in their life before forming their own political opinion and “Number two, it’s fascinating that CNN would go there… that’s it’s now fair game” how the opinions of spouses may differ. Kellyanne said that she was surprised but in some ways “relieved and gratified” to see that kind of sexism from CNN.

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When Bash claimed that she would have asked the same question if the roles were reversed and a man’s wife tweeted the same thing, Kellyanne shot back: “No, you wouldn’t.” Kellyanne alleged that the question was directed with intent to “harass and embarrass” her, and she iterated that spouses often have disagreements of opinion.

It was a “crossing the Rubicon moment” for CNN, said Kellyanne, to expect her to start a fight between her and her husband. The two have been married since 2001 and have four children.

CNN’s Dana Bash

While studying for a degree in political communications, Dana Bash interned with NBC, CBS and CNN. She was recently married to a fellow CNN reporter, John King, who is the anchor on the CNN show Inside Politics. The two divorced in 2012.’

In 2016, Dana Bash interviewed Loretta Lynch about the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando where Lynch announced that the 911 calls about the shooter would soon be released. But, it was found later, the calls were removed of references to “Islamic terrorism.” That’s nice.

George Conway

After receiving degrees from Harvard and Yale, George was one of the lawyers who represented victim Paula Jones in her lawsuit against Bill Clinton. At this time, George worked with Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge who were also getting their starts by reporting on the coverup of sex abuse. In fact, it was Coulter who introduced the two.

The View Responds

When The View got a hold of the story, their excuse was that it’s fair play to ask Kellyanne about George’s opinion because Twitter is a “public forum.” They went on to say that Dana Bash is God’s gift to journalism and they faked outrage that she could be accused of asking about the tweet as a “gotcha question.

TMZ Questions Kellyanne

Recently, celebrity gossip magazine TMZ asked Kellyanne for her opinion on the recent observation that Melania Trump has not been included on the cover of major fashion magazines, while First Lady Michelle Obama was a front model dozens of time during her tenure. Kellyanne goes on to call FLOTUS Melania “superior” and “excellent.”

Sources: Mediaite 

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