Want to Watch Ann Coulter Rip Obama a New One? [ViDEO]

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The point of Kelly & Coulter were so angry about was over the fact the people Obama has reached out to during his six and a half years in the White House, with the host pointing specifically to Sandra Fluke.

Obama knew what he was doing- and now he is being called out by two sassy and classy ladies. Can’t feel too good to be him right now:


“Now they come out tonight and say that they really couldn’t do it. They didn’t have time and, you know, the president doesn’t reach out to everybody,” Kelly said. “And we are looking back over the list of people that the president has contacted. It includes this woman, who he felt was wrongly attacked.”

Kelly then played video of Fluke talking to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell after Obama called her while she was in the green room at the “Lean Forward” network. Fluke got the call after she was attacked by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh after she caused a stir with lawmakers in 2012 over her stance that insurance plans should cover birth control.

“You were in our green room getting ready to come on, and the White House now tells us that we can reveal that you just got off the phone with President Obama,” Mitchell told Fluke at the time.

“Yes, he did express his concern for me and wanted to make sure i was okay which I am,” Fluke told the host. “I am okay.”

“Ann, really?” Kelly said as Coulter and her show producers laughed hysterically in the background.


“Even on their plausible explanation which is that he can’t call every crime victim, this isn’t just a random crime victim. This is — Kate Steinle died as a result of Obama’s policies,” Coulter said.

Obama needs to fess up to his misdeeds. He needs to issue an apology, and I mean yesterday. His disgusting tactic of ignoring the situation does not make it any less vile- or any less his fault. His policies have failed. His immigration laws are a joke. An American is dead.

Just do the right thing, Obama. One time in your presidency. Seriously.

H/T: Daily Caller

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected]

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