Want to See the Crap We Get Everyday Just For Exercising the Right to Free Speech?

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No one advocates for freedom of speech more than we do here at Joe For America. Yes, we are right leaning, conservatives – but don’t you dare call us Republicans – that crosses the line! Free Speech is our living.

In all seriousness, it’s pretty obvious that the Left, the Collectivists, the Democrats, the Liberals, the Maoist wanna-be’s, whatever you want to call them are against the #1 line item in the Bill of Rights and that is the Right to express yourself in America.

In fact, those of us with critical thinking ability know the reason liberals and Marxists are against the Second Amendment – is because it guarantees our First Amendment.

Get rid of the Second Amendment and you can just take the other ones with noooo problem. But I digress. Back to Free Speech: Of course if you hate everyone whom disagrees with one single thing that liberals hold dearly, your Freedom of Speech is safe everywhere – even on campus. But if you’re off the reservation on just one tiny item (ask Joe Lieberman – lifelong Liberal) then you do not have the Right to speak or even the right to exist in a lot of cases.

Let me just give you one small example and folks – this is among thousands and thousands, not just from the usual lefty idiots. I found this while perusing our mail recently and thought you’d get a kick out of it as I did.

Bottom line: Whoever this is and whatever they stand for – it seems like this is what passes for political and cultural discourse nowadays. I’m really hoping to start a massive discussion on this, so share this around and comment on Facebook –  give me your honest thoughts. I am sincerely interested.

This letter is from CG. I’m not gonna print his name because it might not be his name and there’s a million people with the same name and the last thing I’m gonna do is inundate him (or her) with the attack of my beloved audience because you guy’s would blow this cat out of the bathtub in about 3 minutes if I did.

And I thank-you for having my back. Maybe he’ll respond and then you can slam the Shiitte out of him for all I care. Here you go – from “CG”: Before you read, know that I love this.

Hey Joe…. Only a fool thinks Student Discipline has gone DOWN in the past 30 years. IT HAS GONE UP! Kids are charged with crimes… Futures ruined. Assault Charges for a fight, Possession charges for a pill. Fall asleep in class… Disturbing the Peace. Wow…. HOW STUPID ARE YOU?

Yep – right out of the gate, the ad hominen, name-calling and the dreaded ALL CAPS!!! Do people really think their words are LOUDER IF THEY USE ALL CAPS !!! ???

But I digress, please continue CG – and may I say if you re-read up above, he might at this point just be using satire. But no. I tried to be nice by replying back: “Chris, thanks for messaging us. We receive hundreds of messages & comments each day. It is impossible for us to reply to each one individually. Rest assured, we are seeing and reading your message. Have a great day!”

Okay, you know he or she is Chris – and here they come:

What? Shcools have become PRISONS in the last 30 years
My God man….
They are Interrogated by SRO Officers EVERY DAY! To get confessions. WAKE UP!
and your answer, “I’m smart, your dumb… Good luck” LOL
“Crap flows down Hill… Payday is Friday” Imagine a Plumber telling me He’s smart. ROTFLMAO

So now is Chris a liberal? All plumbers are dumb? Sounds like a lib – they hate the working class and assume they’re stupid and, okay, the ones who vote Democrat are a little light in the IQ, but that’s for another day. Need more proof? Here’s CG’s direct confession next:

Your a dangerous idiot plumber Joe. Crawl back down that sewer line and put a cap on it. Don’t forget the primer.

I started getting interested for some reason. I guess it’s because I really try to find what people who disagree might have in common, so I said; “You come on my page throwing around insults as opposed to having a serious discussion. You think you know me through the media and sound bytes.

That is really stupid. Discipline means more than spanking. Being a coach for 12 years, I have seen first hand the amount of disrespect form kids now as opposed to 20-30 years ago. Did you ever back talk you Mother or father? Its common place now. Hell, the commercials on TV make parents out to be idiots and kids to be in charge. You are not looking at the entire picture. Insult me all you want, I only care what people who know me think of me.

That usually does the trick. Let’s face it, we know the average liberal is arguing on fumes and no ammo, no facts and a limited amount of gas. But not CG – plenty left in the tank – but the truth is about to come out. Tell me if you can guess what’s really bugging him:

I know you because I’m a 30+ year HVAC Tech. My 30+ year Plumber friend just Left. I don’t know NOTHING of your politics… Just saw that stupid “discipline has gone down in the last 30 years” comment. How can you not know disapline has gone up… WAY UP. And kids are going postal over it. Too much Stress.

I just had a SRO and AP INTERROGATE my 14 year old daughter… She begged to call us. “NO!” They FORCED Her to rat on Her friends… the “Crime”…. petty. My Daughter? 100% innocent. She just knew. THATS what goes on in our schools today. Terroristic Threats charges for talking smack and getting mad. THEY R KIDS! School Discipline these days CREATE SHOOTERS! They are Prisons. Prisons are not “Mental Health”. Prisons make Crazies! Gezzzzzz

A-hah! He’s confessing – now I am interested because this pour soul needs somebody to talk to. I’m more than glad to oblige by telling him to tell me more (get it off their chest, right?)… wrong move.

Kids have lost respect for Adults BECAUSE OF ADULTS. Police have lost respect BECAUSE OF POLICE. (and BS Laws). Wake up Dude. You got the whole thing BACKWARDS! Police and Schools blame Parents and discipline. Niether will take 1 iota of responsibility.

Parents, Guns, Kids… Harvey the rabbit. Anyone but themselves. Why should ANYONE respect that. THEY HAVE LOST RESPECT BECAUSE OF THEMSELVES!
Now you are calling for more discipline to push another kid off the edge.


Damn! He beat me to it!! … but CG ain’t done by a long shot:

One side thinks a Wall will stop Mexicans… the other side thinks banning guns will stop the killing. Go Figure. It’s like a Prison Riot between Blacks and Mexicans. All ya can do is break out the popcorn. #asthe3ofuswatch

200 Mostly innocent Texans arrested at Twin Peaks. 1Mil Bail. Lost, jobs, kids whole lives. That was 3 years ago. Still no trials except 1 hung jury. 3 YEARS of pain for innocent Family men…. 200×100 family members= 20,000 Texans now disrespecting Police… FOR GOOD CAUSE! You people say…zip!

Now I’m thinking; hey – wait a minute… “you people”? Just who is he talking about? I had to prod him now – no way I’m lettin’ him say that and bolt: “1) Guns are not the problem 2) I homeschool my kids 3) I’m just trying to make it through life like everybody else 4) Good luck…”

CG: Police are getting shot more. Schools are getting shot more. Why? Almost the same rate. Because of too much Disapline.
Good Luck to you and yours. GREAT MOVE Home Schooling. Great move.

Your kids will respect Adults BECAUSE they won’t lose respect watching what these Teachers and SRO Officers do every day.

BTW… It is PERFECTLY LEGAL to Interrogate a 12 year old handcuffed to a chair for 2 hours trying to get a confession about 1 joint. Schools and SRO Officers ARE ALLOED to NOT call the parents even if the kid begges them to. Get it? Schools=Prisons.

… okay – got it.

Folks I didn’t mean to engage somebody in this type of pain. I’m not professionally qualified to give poor CG advice on whatever happened with his own kid. My guess is this child was not raised with a strong enough sense of what’s right and what’s wrong and ended up on the wrong side of the handcuffs – but then again, I don’t know so I’m gonna leave CG with an apology and wishes of good luck.

Having said that – CG proved my point that kids today lack discipline. His kid does and although no child should have to go through what CG claims happened – maybe, just maybe that kid will shape up.

Hope so, for all our sakes. Good luck CG and your kids. I believe you’re a like-minded conservative, but you gotta sharpen your skills dude. Later.


Free Speech

Free Speech

and more Free Speech

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