Walmart Puts Out “Watch List” on Christian Employees

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It looks like Walmart doesn’t believe in religious freedom anymore. The retail giant, headquartered in Arkansas, has had an HR crisis. The ‘tolerance’ that some people require is absolutely outrageous, and they are going to crazy lengths to make sure that this ‘diversity’ is touted everywhere. Personal beliefs have now been replaced by corporate dictate.


In opposing Arkansas’ Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Walmart now sanctions religious discrimination and anti-Christian bigotry within the company.

Apparently, homosexual activists and their friends have taken influential control of Walmart’s Human Resources and Public Relations departments. Nothing less than full support of the gay brand of “diversity” – and only their brand – will be tolerated.

Last year, Walmart sponsored no less than eleven homosexual events across the nation. In addition, its corporate in-house magazine (Walmart World) touted full-page ads promoting Walmart Pride, the company’s sanctioned homosexual employee resource group.

Walmart Pride has prejudiced the workplace of Walmart to the point that anyone who shares a biblical viewpoint of marriage anywhere or anytime will be instantly branded as “anti-gay” and “intolerant.” The gay employees will report them.

Corporate history tells us every single Walmart employee in a leadership position is now on notice that their job is at stake. In every communication, public or private, they must endorse the company line approving homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Any other viewpoint will be met with immediate suspension or dismissal. The gay spies inside the company will see to it.

In Sunday School classes, Walmart’s salaried employees will be intimidated into silence on their personal view of marriage as between one man and one woman. On their personal Facebook page, they must remain absolutely silent. The gay community will report them.

They will be afraid to donate to political campaigns if the candidate supports natural marriage, nor can they put political signs for the candidate in their own yard. They cannot sign ballot petitions in support of traditional marriage referendums. The gay activists will “out” them.

To me, this whole thing stinks of disingenuous motivation. It’s ok for us to infringe on YOUR rights, but if you dare mess with ours, why, you can just take a long walk off a short pier. Where does the scales balance as far as the rights of others to worship as they wish and a small sect of the populous that chooses another route? Why is it so hard to just get along, and coexist as peaceful people living peacefully? Is that really so much to ask?


Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, on Facebook, or email the author at [email protected]

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