In Wake of Shooting, 3,500 People in Prayers – Liberals Furious!

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When times get dark and ugly and you think you can’t make it, it’s time to turn in prayer and put your faith in God.

When the recent mass shooting and tragedy happened in Las Vegas killing 59 and injuring over 500 others, many did exactly that. They turned and put their trust in the Lord. In  God We Trust. There is a reason America has that phrase as it’s motto. It’s time Americans believed in it again!

More than 3,000 people gathered at a church to pray for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, and a video of the thousands of people singing “Amazing Grace” has now gone viral.

About 3,500 mourners set aside their plans on Oct. 2 to make time to gather at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas for a candlelight vigil to remember and pray for the 58 victims slain during the tragedy and the hundreds of others who are injured.

It’s the kind of display to make liberals furious, since so many of them think thoughts and prayers are not enough to heal the country following mass tragedies. But these thousands of people showed their belief in the power of prayer.

Liberals would have everyone believe that true change can only take place within the halls of power in Washington.

While it is important that our politicians take such deadly shootings seriously, tragedies such as the one in Las Vegas are a stark reminder to all Americans that we first must place our trust in God. After all, there’s a reason America’s motto is “In God We Trust.”

KTVU-TV shared footage of the powerful moment, when 3,500 people joined their voices together in a song of prayer.

Here’s the touching video that’s going viral. More than 3,500 people gathered at Canyon Ridge Christian Church of Las Vegas to pay respectful honor to the victims and provide healing to the city. Thousands joined together for a touching rendition of “Amazing Grace” in the glow of candlelight.

According to Informed Folks, volunteers from the church also wanted to show support for members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who so bravely put their own lives at risk to help the innocent victims of the shooting on Oct. 1.

In a show of love and support, those volunteers set up buffet tents for the officers to enjoy.

In these dark times, this is a very moving and powerful gesture. God touches men’s hearts to illuminate our lives. While liberals and the MSM  continue to use this crisis to provoke further division, Christians at Canyon Ridge helped guide the afflicted to the source of true healing.

It is hard to believe that someone would faith would want to murder 59 innocent men and women and injure over 500 others. What a heartbreaking tragedy. What a dark and ugly event. Would this have happened if more people had God in their life?

Liberals will be outraged at the public show of faith by Canyon Ridge Christian Church. Already there are left-wing celebrities mocking the prayers on behalf of the dead. But a nation turning to God is what America needs most.

If this event doesn’t inspire more Americans when it comes to the importance of prayer, I don’t know what will. More Americans need to help restore faith  in our great nation. Americans need to put religion back in their life as a priority – In God We Trust.

If you believe in the power of prayer, and believe America needs to put more trust in God, please share!


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