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Why do they even have this kind of record? Surely it’s not healthy to encourage people to be this overweight?

Everyone is different and everyone’s mind is constructed in a different way, so let’s not hate her for making a decision about how her own future unfolds.  I am sure she knows the risks and it’s her choice.

A morbidly obese woman who weighs 542lbs has said she’s ignoring warnings by doctors over her size in a bid to lay claim to having the world’s biggest hips.

The Guinness Book of Records had stopped recognizing records and record attempts for the world’s heaviest pets because owners were endangering the health of the animals for the sake of 5 minutes of fame. It’s about time that they stopped recording records for attempts like this that seriously endanger the health of the person. Daredevil stunts are one thing, but this is an appalling waste of a life, and the whole point of a record is that someone will try and beat her like she is trying to beat the previous record!

This woman is putting a huge strain on her heart as well as other organs in her body,  It is sad for this woman to feel a need to break a record when there’s so much hunger in some countries and children dying of malnutrition. Let’s hope she would rethink this record; her health and her life are gifts.  She’s got such a pretty face. I hope she decides to think of the real issues involved carrying all that weight around.

Yes, we are all beautiful no matter our shape, size, or race, but in this case, her health is more important.  She won’t be able to live a long healthy life like this. It will lead to way too many health problems!

Here’s the story:

A Pennsylvania woman is determined to have the world’s biggest hips — even if it ends up killing her, according to a report.

Bobbi-Jo Westley, 43, of York, already has hips that measure 241cm, but she has her sights set on the current record of 251cm, held by Mikel Ruffinelli of Los Angeles, Barcroft Media reported.

“My hips are what makes me unique,” she told the news outlet. “It’s what makes me ‘me’.”

Her supersized hips have earned her instant online fame with worldwide fans buying and trading her pictures. She has even arranged “crushing sessions” for her biggest fans, who pay to have the curvaceous woman sit on them and squash them.

“When I realized that there were men out there who like my shape, I was kind of surprised,” she told the site.

“I get all kinds of presents and messages from my fans, some of them ask ‘will you marry me?’ which is kind of hard because I’m already married.”

This woman who weighed in at 245kg the last time she went to the doctor, said her shapely hips come at a cost. Westley is currently housebound under doctor’s orders and her immense size prevents her from doing many day-to-day activities. She says her massive weight gain is caused by an underactive thyroid, a condition she was diagnosed with six years ago.

But her nutritionist, Nadia Sharifi, isn’t buying it.

“It’s literally a life-or-death choice at this point,” she said. “Hormones, or thyroid issues, or blood type or ancestry might play a little part, but ultimately it’s down to what we put into our mouth.”

“When we’re talking about her veins, she can have a block very easily. She is really, truly a ticking time bomb.”

Westley said she knows she’s putting herself at risk, and she has worried about her health. Her doctor has even asked her to consider gastric bypass surgery.

But her determination to shatter a world record far surpasses her fears.

“It’s just something that I have to do and I take it one day at a time,” she said. “I want to be remembered for something, and I think having the world’s biggest hips is what I was meant to be remembered for.

What good is it going to do to this woman if she is stuck bed..can’t walk or get in a car or ever leave the house & then expect someone to wait on her hand & foot?

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