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A Virginia  woman in ‘fake homeless video’ is arrested after ‘two men expose her for begging for money when she owns a 2014 Fiat’.

Just as bad as those that pretend they are in the military. Manipulation of emotion is what they’re doing.

It is disgusting.

A woman identified as Micha Leigh Dominguez, 40, from Richmond was exposed on camera last month for posing as a homeless person who owns a new car was reportedly arrested by Henrico Police in Virginia after officers responded to a ‘disorderly situation’ she was involved in. The woman was charged with three counts of throwing missiles at a car in motion after police say she tossed bottles of Gatorade at another woman’s vehicle, as reported.

After catching a glimpse of her in action roaming the city and asking passing cars for money, the guy taking the video approached her as she was just about to hop into her 2014 Fiat in a McDonald’s parking lot.

As the woman got peppered with questions regarding why she was pretending to be someone in need, the woman went over to the McDonald’s drive-thru window to tell an employee about the person who wouldn’t leave her alone. After explaining her side of the story, the guy provided some details about how she was conducting her shady business, and the poor employee who got herself stuck in the middle of this dispute couldn’t mask her reaction no matter how hard she tried. Head on over to 1:30 mark to see that priceless response written all over her face.

As the McDonald’s employee tries to do whatever she can in this already awkward situation, the faux homeless woman admits that she also has a phone. Running out of excuses, she claimed that she had a disability, but when asked to expand on this latest lie declaration, she fired back, “That’s none of your business.”

Although people give the money tho this woman willingly. every time we see somebody begging for money on the side of the road we know that there’s a possibility that they’re doing that as a job to pay for their mortgage or pay for their car or whatever,  if we choose to give  money to somebody who’s been standing out on the road for 8 hours we should not really care what they’re spending their money on, they pretty much worked for that money. When we choose to give  money to somebody you’re taking the chance of them spending that money on something that maybe you don’t agree on. If you don’t like it don’t give them money.

The problem is that, whether it’s legal or not, people like her are the reason why many of us are skeptical about giving homeless people money. There’s people out there that really need the help, but sometimes we don’t give it to them because we think they are faking it(just like she is). It doesn’t make us “stupid” to try and be generous and give homeless people money. It makes us kind and generous, and caring for other human beings. So the problem is really how this woman takes advantage of the kindness of people.



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