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The only thing insane about this rider is his Outstanding skills!! This is what you call Passion.

Now that is one very talented rider & he is throwing that motorbike around like a BMX bike, such skill is something that not many can pull off with such finesse like he has shown..It must have taken years of hard work ,dedication and practice to master this art. It is indeed  a testament to his practice and knowledge of all conditions involved.. Well done!

I am wondering how many bikes were destroyed… And how many bones were broken… To learn how to do that??? BRAVO!

We all know that motorcycles provide a sense of freedom and adventure that few other forms of transport can provide, apart from being great at nipping through traffic, easy to park and even avoiding traffic congestion , motorbikes are also great fun obviously.  The sight of seeing someone jumping cars, buses, people and even canyons on a two wheels has thrilled crowds around the world  turning relatively unknown motorcycle enthusiasts into overnight superstars.

We all heard of the term “Live to ride, ride to live”. That pretty much sums up the biker lifestyle, Like this rider right here. This guy is not really insane but he is one hell of a rider..the man got major skills!!

This rider is a pro, law abiding in riding in an enclosed circuit, wearing the right gears and staying out of bound. He rode while admirers and onlookers stood afar not within dangerous zone. He obviously knows his bike and what it’s cable of doing.

Being a rider and a biker is hard work. Upper-body strength is essential for riders who have to handle the weight and power of a motorbike, especially for stunts like this. People often think: you just sit on your seat and turn the handlebars,” But their leg muscles have to hold them in a cramped squat position for 40 minutes, and they have to shift constantly from left to right in a very controlled way which fires up the abs and the lower back muscles.

“Riders need a good mix of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ strength,” When they press the brakes they have to push against the handlebars in order to increase their surface area and that requires a lot of strength. And when they accelerate they need to push back against the bike so they don’t go into a wheelie. Typically their push strength is better than their pull strength, but what matters is getting a good balance. Push exercises include press-ups and bench presses. Pull exercises include supine pull-ups, seated rows, lat pulldowns or reverse dumbbell flies.

The trunk  which includes the abs, back and lateral (side) muscles – is the most important part of the body for riders because it controls their strength and balance on the bike. Although professional riders look as though they’re sitting down all the time, their leg muscles are always working hard to maintain their balance on the bike. It is their legs that they  use most whenever they change direction.

Now that is what you call HARD WORK and DEDICATION! Passion at its finest!

Dude your an awesome showman. You need to get a job showcasing your talents. You are really GOOD!!

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