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Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, you have to protect what’s yours. What if it was a child that wondered off like some kids do? – plus goats are still like family too! This Python deserved it!

That goat was the size of a small child that could have been someone’s 3- year-old son or daughter all coiled up in it.

Wake up people! Snakes are carnivorous reptiles There are no vegetarian snakes. Large snakes eat large animals. Small ones eat small ones.

These Pythons are out of control in Florida…they are breeding like crazy and multiplying…..If it’s gotten a hold of a goat what’s next? A child? Or a pet?!!

Scott Dame, 63,  shot a Burmese Python  to save his goat that went missing on his land in Naples, Florida . He opened fired on the 12-foot snake after his 10-year-old grandson found it around 200 yards from his house wrapped around the missing female goat. Dame, who owns Dame Pest Solutions, filmed the incident and his granddaughter shared footage of it on social media.

Dame’s first shot managed to uncoil the python, but it took several minutes before it died. The goat had already been strangled and coiled up. It was reported that it was the second goat from their herd to go missing in quick succession.  The python snake unfolded and tried to slither away but Scott fired again.

The massive python eventually died after Dame fired eight shots.

Dame’s family say they have become menacing pests in Naples after a handful, which had been kept as exotic pets, were either released or escaped into the wild and began breeding. This python is not a protected or endangered specie, and it isnt native to Florida. It’s a pest in that area. Blame all of the idiots who buy them and then decide they cant keep them anymore and let them go into the wild. It is causing major problems.

Florida is so invaded with these pythons that they actually pay dollars to anyone that hunts and kills them! Some people make good money depending on the size of the snake. It’s not just goats at risk in Florida, it’s cats, dogs and even small children!!

When snakes get hungry, they rarely hesitate, and usually ambush the first thing they find, regardless of how inconvenient or difficult it may be to swallow. Because of their voracious appetites and lack of reasoning skills, they have been found consuming some pretty interesting meals. Once snakes begin to swallow, very rarely do they do stop, despite the complications that may arise.

One of the most unusual snake adaptations, and one of the most impressive among reptile adaptations as a whole, is the ability to swallow large animals intact, often ones that are much bigger around than the snake itself (snakes don’t chew). Snakes can do this because they can unhinge their jaws to permit the passage of large objects. Digesting a meal of this sort can take a snake weeks, or even months. Once digestion is complete, the snake vomits any bones or other indigestible parts that can’t be passed through its system. Not an appetizing sight!!


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