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So this is what happens when you don’t take time to park… properly!! LOL

“There was plenty of other spaces available in the car park, but this person obviously felt the need to take up more than one.”

How many times have you had to drive around the block, waiting for parking, all because some lazy, inattentive jerk couldn’t park in just one spot, but had to straddle two? How many times have you almost clipped the rear end of a car parked by someone who clearly had no idea what the word “parallel” means? Being the victim of a bad parking job can leave you angry, frustrated, and embittered.

Sometimes you get what you deserve indeed.

That sure is a shiny red looking new car you have there. It’d be a real shame for something bad to happen to it. The easiest way to ensure it doesn’t get ruined when you don’t take two parking slots!  DON’T PARK LIKE A TOTAL PIECE OF GARBAGE. It’s not like he even tried to fit in one spot.

We understand worrying about other people dinging up your car with their doors, but if you’re that worried about it, park farther back away from everyone else. Don’t be a jerk and take up two spaces with your car. There is no reason for taking two parking spaces when parking a car, other than the screw you attitude, I”ll park where ever I please people.  It serves the guy in the hatchback for what he got maybe he”ll think about others that want to park next time.

This video  should be in the dictionary next to the definition of ‘asshole.’” That about sums it up. (And no, the lot was not completely full. But heaven forbid this driver might have to walk a few extra feet to get to his destination!).”

It was quite humorous tho watching him climb at the back of the car. LOL

Understand the feeling of frustration with inconsiderate beings.

But on the contrary..The whole parking lot is empty! What does it matter how he parked? This is incredibly immature. What gives you the right to trouble somebody’s day simply because they took two parking spots in a relatively empty parking lot? Stupidity doesn’t fix stupidity.

A couple of jerks. There were plenty of other places to park. They do not know when that car entered the parking lot and possible that other people left him the only choice. …..though kinda doubt it, but still just a couple of dickheads confronting another dickhead!  It’s not like the car park was full and people couldn’t park. These guys were just looking to cause trouble. And they stayed out with a camera waiting for the guy to return?!

Yeah he parked like an ass yeah yeah whatever but you people  ain’t no better you just showed everyone what an ass you are as well.

Lesson of the story still is regardless of what you drive you are still setting yourself up for problems when you take two spots. One spot, one car end of story.


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