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The police can not  stop a slow moving car? They can stop cars going over 100 mph.

Thank GOD for this man who risked his life to save the driver who is having a seizure. After everything bad happening in this world this restores some faith in humanity.

Become an epileptic or have a seizure or two and you’ll see someone like this being a hero. Having no control in a blink of a second is no joke.

And the police couldn’t do that? That car was going slow enough to not bring even more people in danger. That MAN is a hero, the police is somehow questionable.

It is hard not to criticize the police in this incident. How many of us would have thought to do the same to stop the car? The police have to follow procedures and not think out of the box.  However, driving ahead of the slow car and halting in front of it, as many have suggested, would have worked to save an endangered man’s life.

The most important thing for us is to save lives indeed and help those who are in need, this good samaritan from Illinois proved that when he risked his own life and limb to save a driver who was having a seizure behind the wheel.

According to News, Randy Tompkins and his wife, Heather, were out for a drive in their hometown of Dixon, Ill., around 4 p.m. on June 2 when they spotted something alarming. A dark blue sedan, moving at a crawl, had wandered into their lane and was heading right for their truck. Thinking fast, he backed the truck out of the path of the oncoming car just in time to avoid a collision. That’s when he noticed that something was wrong with the car’s driver.

“I could see him and his arms were up to his head, close to his chest, and he was convulsing,” Tompkins said. “I could tell right away he was having a seizure.”  With no regard for his own safety, Tompkins immediately jumped out of his truck and ran toward the still moving car. Once he reached the creeping vehicle, he noticed that the driver was incapacitated, so he crawled in through the passenger side window. Seeing that the driver was in the middle of a seizure, he put two fingers in the driver’s mouth to prevent him from swallowing his tongue. With his free hand, Tompkins threw the car into park.

“I was praying that he wasn’t going to hit the gas, you know, cause obviously I had to jump through his window,” Tompkins told ABC7. “I just did it so fast that I didn’t even think about it, I just did it.”

Meanwhile, a Dixon police officer had seen the blue car roll through a red light just seconds before, and as the officer followed behind, the police cruiser’s dashcam captured Tompkins’ actions. Paramedics rushed the driver to a nearby hospital.

Despite his quick thinking, “I don’t look at myself as a hero,” Tompkins said. “I just look at myself as a guy who happens to be in the right place at the right time and staying quick on my feet. I just took action.

Praise God for this man’s heart.


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