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This video is absolutely scary and reckless!!

There is no way the truck driver didn’t know he was dragging this damn car. All the cars around him were beeping their horns at him. He knew.

The entire length of this video the truck is in a long right turn. Meaning his driver mirror is constantly turned away from seeing the left side of his truck. He should have been a bit more observant.

 In California’s Cajon Pass, a sedan became wedged under a truck and was dragged for four miles.

The car was stuck under a tractor-trailer, while the truck driver continued to drive up the pass. The sedan’s driver can be seen waving his hands outside of the vehicle and shouting for help.

The truck dragged Diaz’s car for nearly three-quarters of a mile before pulling over. Maestas was reportedly unaware that he was dragging the car behind him.  Cell phone video taken by other drivers show cars honking their horns, trying to get Maestas’ attention. Officers with the California Highway Patrol did not detect that Maestas was impaired. After an inspection of his log book, he was able to drive away from the scene.

After looking at the video, the truck driver was going uphill and turning right with a double pup trailer. I cannot blame him for dragging the guy because the truck would be going slower uphill anyhow and that road has a lot of bumps in it.  Anyone that has driven up that road knows that people drive in and out of lanes constantly because people camp out in the fast lane causing others to go around them. So if in my opinion, he’s pulling two trailers uphill to the right, the furthest back he will be able to see is the end of the first trailer.

In the video it was a continuous right turn from the point where he was being dragged, we do not see where the accident happened and therefor,as arm chair police we should really take it down a notch or two here.

Furthermore, if the guy that got dragged, didn’t want it videotaped it speaks to his fault in that matter. I would want as MUCH EVIDENCE AS POSSIBLE TO BACK UP MY CLAIM THAT THE TRUCKER HIT ME. Also to that point the truck driver wasn’t going fast enough to cause the initial damage to the car. Go back and look again, the car’s front end is up in the air and hooked which says to me that the car driver switched lanes into the truck at a higher speed than the truck was moving. If the truck driver pulled over on him the truck would have smashed his car down and left him in the middle of the lane not dragged him with.

As a truck driver, 1) you need to check your mirrors at all times you never know what idiot out there is going to get in your path.  2) you have to concentrate on what’s ahead of you to make sure some idiot doesn’t bow up in front of you, so you can get stopped in time, since 98% of drivers think a fully loaded truck can stop on a dime (NOT HAPPENING).  3)  when your fully loaded a lot of times if someone hits you or you hit them unless it’s a sudden impact, it feels like a pothole in the road.  Finally, 4) unless you’ve driven a Road Tractor, you have no right to assume it’s automatically the trucker’s fault.  The man driving the car probably was going too fast and tried to cut back in to get to the exit .

You would feel the car affecting the truck all the way up into the steering wheel. Even loaded down with dirt, he would have known something was wrong at some point though.


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