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This is a clear case of dumb and dumber!

Road rage resulting from people with short tempers are becoming more rampant these days and it is terrible!!

This video taken by a fellow motorcyclist with a camera attached to his helmet, went viral soon after its release, attracting millions of views.


Everybody, whether you are young or old, needs to understand when you are behind the wheel you are not only accountable for yourself, but the people in the car/motorcycle and other drivers.

There is no justification for an individual motorcyclist to intentionally cause harm to another motorcyclist just because one motorcyclist may be violating a law. Leave that to the police. What that man did with his car was attempted murder. He intentionally did something that could have killed that rider and the thing is, he had no remorse or concern for the well being of the rider either. In his mind, he was justified in his actions, whether that person lived or died.

The man admitted to hitting him and said “yes I did! I don’t care!.. No I don’t care” repeatedly! he admitted to endangering a life and had no remorse for it! That’s the real issue isn’t it? What could of happened is neither here nor there. What happened is that that man purposely swerved into the biker to cause him to crash and endangered his life and any passenger’s too! That’s wrong.

A person’s life has to be worth more than that.

The driver of a white Mercury, William Sam Crum, 69 was accused of deliberately swerving across the center-line on a highway, and clipping a Kawasaki motorcycle that attempted to pass him, causing the driver of the motorcycle, Eric Sanders, 37 and his passenger to crash.

A fellow motorcyclist filmed the incident with a helmet cam, which shows Sanders trying to pass

While Sanders suffered only minor injuries, and was able to limp, his passenger, Debra Simpson, 38 was not so lucky. She suffered a broken arm and serious scrapes and bruises, laying motionless on her back.

The white mercury is seen swerving abruptly, clipping Sanders, who was attempting to pass illegally.

Crum has since been convicted of 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He reportedly said, “I don’t care!” when confronted at the scene of the collision.

Later in a jailhouse interview, he claimed he had been bitten by a spider, which caused him to swerve into the motorcycle, and if Sanders didn’t “break the law” by trying to pass illegally, the incident would not have happened.

While Sanders suffered only minor injuries, Simpson lay motionless with a broken arm in more serious condition

Debra was taken to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, where she was treated in intensive care. Meanwhile, Crum waits in the Hood County jail before being transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

On the contrary both drivers are at fault. Motorcyclist was looking for trouble by flaunting his disregard for the double yellow lane. Not that it was right for the old man to swerve either, just both were wrong for what they did.

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