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Father plans to sell his own kidney to fund life-saving treatment for his three morbidly obese children.

Wow, this is heartbreaking. It is clearly a medical disorder. But why in God’s name would an average parent have 3 morbidly obese children on his/her hands?

As everyone can see on the video they have one child of normal weight. This should lead us to believe that the problem does not simply lie in the parents feeding them to death. Also their problems started practically from birth. These people have done everything they could while living in a third world country with limited access to quality medical care.

Unfortunately in this case rather in reality..  it’s cheaper to buy all that crappy junk food than fresh fruits and vegetables, and that’s universal! I’m sure if they had more money they wouldn’t keep pumping their kids full of all that sugar and artificially flavored crap… but when you’re poor and you need to feed your kids, you’ll get what you can with what you’ve got, quantity over quality, and hope like hell you don’t starve them.

The father is right, they need money to go to a doctor where they all can LEARN how to properly feed and exercise their kids and also to get the medicinal and/or surgical care their children need.

What the father said was they have to keep eating that way or they will die. This is a frightened father, trying to save his child’s life. Yes, he’s uneducated! Yes, he may be contributing to or causing the morbid obesity, but I think what we just saw is a father frightened for his children and doing everything he thinks he can do to “save their lives”.  The father is in fear, and should be treated as such.

They finally found doctors who think the children suffer from Prater Willi Syndrome. Prater Willi is a genetic disease marked by failure to thrive (check), constant and insatiable hunger also known as hyperphagia, poor muscle development and abnormal or difficulty walking, developmental delays, and a host of other problems that will probably present themselves as they grow older.

The problem is the doctors there either don’t know how or can’t treat it. There is no cure, but if their first child has been properly diagnosed these parents could have been educated and their children can be treated. They might just have known what to do when their children who screamed constantly for food, or couldn’t stand or walk (and not just because of their size). I’m sure they knew it wasn’t right, but they would have had three children literally screaming in hunger. And not know what to do.

This is an unbelievably a heartbreaking story. And while we all agree that giving them pop and chips probably wasn’t the best idea, we have to agree that even in this country healthy food is more expensive that junk food. And they live in poverty.

Now, the poverty stricken father has revealed that he plans to sell his own kidney to fund life-saving treatment for his three morbidly-obese children. Sisters Yogita Rameshbhai Nandwana, five, and Anisha, three, and their 18-month-old brother, Harsh, are among the world’s heaviest young children.

Weighing 75 lbs (34kg), 106 lbs (48kg) and 33 lbs (15kg) respectively, the food they eat in a week is enough to feed two families in a month. Now their father Rameshbhai Nandwana, 34, of Gurjarat, India, is planning to sell his kidney to earn the money needed to see top specialists.

He said: ‘If my kids continue to grow at this rapid rate they will have major health issues. We’re terrified they will die.’

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