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From his body language the police officer seems to be taking out his frustration on the homeless woman.

Some people are truly not mentally fit to be police officers. They see so much of the worst all the time, that they treat every incident with the same degree of extreme urgency applying no proportionality to their response. I respect their authority and the risks they take for the public everyday, but there is no excuse to treat even suspected perpetrators in a sub-human manner as was done here.


The Police officer strikes 38-year-Katie McCrary at least 10 times as a witness screams at her to ‘stop resisting’ arrest in a local supermarket.

Yes, she was probably doing something illegal, that’s why the police officer was there. But he has no reason to beat on her like that and by her facial expressions it looks like was hurt badly.

It is true that all she had to do was put her hands behind her back like he was telling her to do. Instead she got all tensed up and resisted. She should have complied… yes…  If a police officer issues you a command to stop resisting and put your hands behind you back, you do it…question it later, if need be, but at the time just do what you’re told and this won’t happen.

Of course, we want to always stand behind the officers in blue, but this is just horrible.

The police officer did not have to hit her soooo many times. At some point he needs to give her more then 5 seconds to react. Yes, she was moving but what is your instinct when someone is hitting you and you’re on the ground?

When an individual is being beaten, they will always instinctively defend themselves. To ask a person to comply with your commands while beating them will NOT happen. The beating must stop first in order to allow the individual the opportunity to rationally reconsider obedience to said commands. Beating a person while they’re down is wrong.

This police officer couldn’t take the woman’s arms and couldn’t force her hands behind her back? A few hits are okay… but would it have been that hard to take her hands and put them behind her back himself?

She was resisting, so she got what came to her, but this could have been handled better. Threatening to shoot her? This tells you how little the police officer values human life, that somebody who is indeed resisting, but is not a threat to the officer and he wanted to shoot her?

You will never change the minds of bigots until they find themselves in a similar situation. When you are continuously hit and aware that such brutality exists your natural reaction is to protect yourself due to being scared. Putting your hands out to defend yourself is not resistance.

Police in Georgia have reopened an internal affairs investigation into a use of force complaint after a disturbing video emerged.

Let us know what you think? Did this officer go too far?

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