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Do not mess with the cranky old man!!

This is the terrifying moment an angry pensioner smashes a car’s windows with a baton as the driver sits inside. It is believed that the dispute started over a landscaping issue, which led to a verbal confrontation between the two men.

Dennis Tissington of Alberta, Canada, may be a senior citizen, but that doesn’t mean he won’t kick your ass!

This video has gone viral after motorist Damian Dallyn uploaded the footage of his feud with the 67-year-old in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. He claims the man, who identifies himself as Dennis Tissington, was hired as ‘muscle’ over a landscaping dispute.

Allegedly he had ‘stopped by to have a civil conversation about some money’ with the man before Tissington, a family-member hired as ‘muscle… rolled up in a truck’.

The family-member is seen marching up to Dallyn and taps on the window with his weapon at the ready.

‘Aren’t you in enough trouble? You’re gonna to be,’ warns Tissington.

Dallyn simply responds: ‘Why?’

Tissington answers: ‘You’re gonna be in f****** hospital if you don’t get out of here.’

Then Dallyn says: ‘No you can’t bring a weapon out on me.’

And the outraged Tissington declares: ‘Yes I can because I have one…Now get the f*** outta here,’ before he smashes the window in one hit.

In the frightening confrontation Tissington then demands again that Dallyn gets ‘the f*** out’ of here’.

He happily states his name before smashing another window with the baton, at which point Dallyn drives off.

Truly there are two sides to every story.  A video titled ‘Psycho Old Man Smashes Windows Out With Baton’ was uploaded to YouTube with a description painting the driver as an innocent victim waiting to be paid for an honest day’s work. Turns out there’s a second side to this story. Before watching the video make sure you read the both the description provided by the cameraman and the explanation posted to Facebook by Tyler Stojan, the old man’s step-son.

Long story short, the old man and his neighbors had been verbally and physically threatened by the driver of the vehicle. What the driver fails to mention in his description is that he and his partners illegally entered the neighbor’s land and destroyed their property then threatened violent retribution on both neighbors and their families. They returned to linger in the street when the old man pulls out his baton and starts smashing windows. Ultimately both parties illegally destroyed another man’s property, and both have filed charges against each other.

After reading both sides and watching the video, who do you think is the real villain in this story?

Ask yourself one question If someone threatened you at your home where your wife and children are, how would you react?

I mean, if someone was harassing me over money they rightfully owed me, and then decided to film and harass me more outside of my (sons) home, I would’ve beaten his windows out too!

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