VOTD: No Contact vs Contact Fighting… You have to see this!

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This is the translation from the video description on Youtube:

Non-contact fighting, the test of Alexander Litvinenko in 2009.
Alexander Litvinenko was invited to take part in a seminar on contactless boyu.I he decided to check the system for praktike.Zadacha was as follows: Alexander was applied simulating a blow toward the enemy, the enemy has promised to demonstrate a system of non-contact fight and not to give Alexander a shot in his side .but in response, Alexander received a slap in the face. Apparently it is this is the skill that very contactless boya.Chto happened next, you can see for yourself ...

Basically, the best thing I can figure is that one guy is not going to contact the other guy, while the other guy is allowed to make contact… The results are pretty humorous!

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