VOTD: Newborn Gets Excited During Photoshoot!!…And Not In A Good Way!

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This is so unbelievably cute and disgusting!!

‘You know you are a mom when someone has pooped on you.’

Add a newborn baby to any scenario and chances are, things will be unpredictable and just a little chaotic, clutching her newborn baby, one woman received a stark reminder of the messy realities of motherhood.


As anyone with a baby knows, newborns are going use their bodily functions whenever they feel the need… even if that’s in the middle of a sweet family photoshoot.  Happened all the time at diaper change with our babies. The battle is  keeping a score of how high up on the bathroom wall it would reach!! The mommy handled it well though. It’s a memorable moment that they can remind him of when he’s 16.  We are pretty sure the baby had the best bowel movement since birth!

Babies equal photos. It’s really just that simple. Nothing sells more cameras or generates more images than a newborn baby. Whether it’s yours, your family’s, or your friend’s, the moment we see them our fingers fly to the shutter. Babies are the celebrities of our lives and we all want the best possible photos of them we can get.

Accidents happen, folks, especially when you have an undiapered newborn.

What do people expect with a nude baby and a newborn? Im sure if you put anyone in that position things would shoot out like that. Happens all the time… Nothing to worry. When you gotta’ go you gotta’ go!  At least they got a few nice shots in before the incident for what it’s worth.

New babies don’t come with an instruction manual, but they do leave clues about the state of their health.

Naked or not, those photos will be stunning. As far as the rest, I doubt it will be the last time she will be blessed like that. The baby is fine. You don’t like naked baby photos, don’t get them. These are precious moments that they can look back on in years and years. The best part? There’s laughter behind it because of the accidental whizzing. They won’t wonder “what if he had fallen?” or “how he’s turned?” No, it’s how absolutely in love the mother is with the baby and the happy baby in her arms. Let’s SMELL THE ROSES PEOPLE, stop grabbing onto the thorns.

They said you need to wait until a newborn baby falls in deep sleep before taking off the diaper, it lessens your chance of being peed or having an accident. It doesn’t guarantee anything, though. If you want naked baby shots, be prepared for these kinds of accidents. Be ready with wipes, soap and tissue!!

Of course, what parent doesn’t have a photo of their little one, getting his first bath in the bathtub? I’m sure everyone who did that photo had a towel nearby for their own protection too. Just in case there was a little draft that caused a little accident to happen.

I think these babies might not be so thrilled when they are older, that their parents posted naked pictures of them on social media!



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